Amazon Tag Exchange

I don’t think this would violate board rules - if so, I apologize.

I have a shameless self-promoting request for all my fellow Amazon addicts – please tag this book:

Preferred tags: didache, catechism, church history, patristics, early church

Even better, if you are one of the handful of readers that liked it, please post a review on amazon.

I’d be happy to tag the books of other Catholic authors.

For those unfamiliar with Amazon tags, they simply are keywords which are associated with a book. Those keywords can then make the book easier to find during a search of the Amazon site.

To mark a tag for a book, log in to your Amazon account. Then visit the page for the book you want to tag. If you scroll about halfway down the page, you should see a section titled:
Tags Customers Associate with This Product

The tags which Stratiotes suggested are already listed, so all you have to do is click in the check box next to each word.
It is simple, and it costs nothing.

And it just might help people find the book. :slight_smile:

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