Amazon takes dark, unsettling turn into religion with ‘Hand of God’

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) “Hand of God,” a series starring a corrupt vigilante judge and exploring religious fanaticism, is Amazon Inc’s latest bid to entice audiences to its original video programming.

All 10 episodes of the series made their debut on Friday for Amazon Prime subscribers.
In the opening episode, Judge Pernell Harris (Ron Perlman) appears in a public fountain, naked and speaking in tongues, after his adult son tries to commit suicide and is hospitalized.

The incident is quickly swept under the rug, but the judge soon starts hallucinating and receives guidance from a mysterious young con-man priest in a quest for justice that turns Harris into an enraged vigilante.

The series was conceived as an exploration of zealotry, said show creator Ben Watkins, and evolved into a study of religious extremism in the context of a born-again Christian cult group that helps the judge.

St. John of the Cross said that when
the Spirit of God fills a person, there
will be abnormal and extreme actions
taken by the person so filled, b/c we
are NOT RIGHT w/ God and our
earthly vessels are not READY to
accept the fullness of the spirit,
I have experienced this personally
myself and it ALARMS people.

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