Amazon, US Postal Service will deliver on Sundays

and so? what?:shrug:

That’s interesting. A year ago, they were talking about saving money by stopping delivery on Saturday. When that didn’t pan out, they are now going to start delivering on Sunday.

I wonder how that will work. Will they only deliver Amazon packages or will they deliver other things as well?

This will be good news for people who have been waiting an extra day for their mail even though Sunday is not a day of religious observation for them. But it will temporarily distract people who do keep Sunday. Of course, people who keep Saturday or Thursday have always coped with distractions.

It’s not so much the distraction that having mail delivered would be to a Christian, it is more about the postal workers who are Christian who now will be forced to work on the Dies Domini a day that ought to be set aside for worship and relaxation. I, for one, miss the blue laws, but recognize that an increasingly non-Christian society will do away with such things.

I wonder if there could be an option on Amazon not to have packages delivered on a Sunday if you don’t want.

Or not delivered on some other day of the week (e.g. Saturday if you are Jewish) if that is what you want, I suppose.

The weird thing about that particular story is that it is illustrated with mail vans sitting idle in Virginia, but since the Sunday deliveries are taking place only in NYC and LA, and for the next phase I’ve only heard about Dallas, Houston, New Orleans and Phoenix, those puppies are still going to be sitting idle on Sundays for a good while yet.


No one especially a fed worker (post office) will be forced to work on Sunday. I am a fed worker and cannot be “forced” to work on Sunday. Also many feds have bargaining units…you know, …the folks who brought you the weekend.

As for UPS, you will be surprised to find folks willing work who are not religious to make ends meet.

The blue laws were great in their time…however, our country is not a theocracy. I find the fundy/evangles and the Pentecostals will have a furor over this…Catholics…eh, not so much. Saturday Mass counts …so it won’t be an issue.:shrug:

In the 60’s I worked at the USPS on the weekends sorting parcel post to pay for my college tuition. A lot of students were. Didn’t think much of it but later found it to be a great experience factor.

Yes Saturday Mass “counts” but our obligation isn’t just to attend Mass on Sunday, but to sanctify the day by using it as a time of rest, relaxation, and worship. Have you read JP2’s encyclical Dies Domini? It is worth the time (especially on a Sunday :wink: ) In this letter JP reminds us that

“the link between the Lord’s Day and the day of rest in civil society has a meaning and importance which go beyond the distinctly Christian point of view. The alternation between work and rest, built into human nature, is willed by God himself, as appears in the creation story in the Book of Genesis (cf. 2:2-3; Ex 20:8-11): rest is something “sacred”, because it is man’s way of withdrawing from the sometimes excessively demanding cycle of earthly tasks in order to renew his awareness that everything is the work of God.” (65)

Nor is this just recent teaching of the Church. Leo XIII in Rerum Novarum teaches us about

“the obligation of the cessation from work and labor on Sundays and certain holy days. The rest from labor is not to be understood as mere giving way to idleness; much less must it be an occasion for spending money and for vicious indulgence, as many would have it to be; but it should be rest from labor, hallowed by religion.” (41)

Finally, we see in Canon Law the requirement of Catholics to rest on Sundays.

"Can. 1247 *On Sundays and other holy days of obligation, the faithful are obliged to participate in the Mass.

Moreover, they are to abstain from those works and affairs which hinder the worship to be rendered to God, the joy proper to the Lord’s day, or the suitable relaxation of mind and body*."

Sunday rest is not just a matter for “fundy/evangles and the Pentecostals” but is something that concerns all Catholics as well.

God bless.

I’ve been Catholic all my 55 yrs. even before VatII. My cousins in the south are a mix of evangels and fundys and Pentecostals. On Sunday, the world stops spinning.

However, up north on my dads side, we go to Mass, then go to grandma and grandpas for a big Italian Sunday dinner 1/2 hr drive away and play with dozens of cousins in the back yard, go swimming in a cousins pool, or to the park and ice skate and the uncles and dad drank hi balls and and Schafers and watched the game during football season, and the women sat in the dining room and talked about whatever they talked about with my grandmother with wine and/or cocktails.

When we vacationed in the south with our southern family (moms side), there will be no swimming on Sunday, no beach, no bike rides, no going to the park. My cousins basically sat on the front porch and watched us drive off to the beach for the remainder of the day. They had already been to church from 10 to about 1 pm and they had to go again at 7 that night. They were not allowed to listen to rock and roll or the radio if it had rock and roll on it. My mother used to plead with my uncle to allow my cousins to go to the beach with us on Sunday…and parroted back what you wrote above…just about word for word.

Yep, that is how I grew up. It was never an issue what we did “after” Mass.:shrug:

It sounds to me like your family didn’t work on Sunday. That they rested from work, as the Church teaches we need to do. Riding bikes and going to the park is not work. You seem to be trying to disagree with me, but I’m not sure why.

I also find it odd that your evangelical Uncle used to quote the Papal Encyclicals of John Paul II and Leo XIII and the Code of Canon Law to you. :shrug:

It sounds like your parents gave you a much greater chance to see God’s glory and the beauty of the world he created on the day of rest far more than your unfortunate cousins.

That trial balloon goes up every time the Postmaster General is asked a question by anybody. The plan was always to stop letter deliveries on Saturdays but to continue to deliver express and priority mail.

The USPS is and always has been a 24/7 hour 365 day a year operation and there have always been staff working on Sundays and holidays including carriers delivering express mail… In my time as a PTF (part time flexible or substitute) career letter carrier often during December and during the UPS strike I worked Sundays. Those who work indoors at the plants, Clerks and Mail Handlers, have always had Sunday tours, most postal workers are on a rotating off day schedule so they would only get one Sunday off every fifth weekend.

After the last binding arbitration of the contract between the service and the City Letter Carriers union Arbitrator Dax created a new lower compensated non career part time employee class (City Carrier Assistants or CCAs) to replace the career PTFs and those CCASs are the ones being tasked with Sunday deliveries.As a union shop, assignments are by seniority thus the person you see most often will not be forced in on Sundays unless there are not enough CCAs and PTFs in the district and then the local postmaster will be forced to put regular carriers on mandatory overtime.

My uncle the cop worked on Sunday…my aunt thd nurse worked on Sunday…my uncle the Baptist Quoted scripture and read tbe Bible on Sunday and wouldnt even rake tbe yard or cut tbe grass on Sunday…potato pototo…tomato tomoto…you quote canon law he quotes scripture…both of you beleve you are right…

In a way, with the way the USPS is going, it’s the difference between having a job and not having one in the long run.

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