Amazon's Alexa says Jesus Christ is a "fictional character."


Anybody see this?


Individual listeners of Steven Crowder have been unable to reproduce this, so apparently Amazon has corrected this.


Well we KNOW the TRUTH!


Wow, that’s terrible.
Prophet Mohammed as a wise prophet who taught yadda yadda

Yet it says that of Jesus…

Stuff is ridiculous.


The left has corrupted technology. They’re deliberately programming their crazy agenda into technology.


That’s sad. I have an Alexa. He ain’t “fictional” he’s real!


If I were you, I’d get rid of Alexa. It’s nothing more than a far left agenda machine. The left has to ruin everything good!


I just asked Alexa about Jesus and she doesn’t say he is fictional. Weird…


Perhaps as @James214 said, Amazon got wind of it and fixed it. Either that or individual devices produce different results.


Amazon’s who? What? Why watch this? Whats wrong with watching ‘Called to Communion’ on YouTube?

Don’t be a slave to pop culture and the media. Quit the media and be amazed at how happy and contented you become.


I think Alexa is awesome. I just ordered another Dot so my husband can have one at work.

We don’t have a landline but I can call home from my cellphone to Alexa and my kids know how to use it to call me. I love streaming music all over the house, adding to my shopping list while my head is still in the fridge, and setting a timer without hands is very useful in the kitchen. Making her meow and spooking the cat is kinda fun, too.

Everytime we have asked her something she reads from Wikipedia.


I don’t ever want an Alexa!


Here is a legit Alexa warning: if you have package notifications on your 8 year old is highly likely to ask Alexa to read those notifications in order to find out his Christmas presents. Luckily it was my husband’s gifts and now that feature is turned off for the season.


I saw that! That’s so far left that it didn’t even take into account what the vast majority of secular historians would say. They might reject Scripture as true, but very few reject that Jesus of Nazareth existed. It is comical.


i tried to watch this, but i couldn’t


To paraphrase that old saw about guns not killing people, Alexa doesn’t blaspheme against Jesus, programmers blaspheme against Jesus.


Is there any other evidence other than this video? I’m a bit skeptical seeing as how no one has been able to replicate the results.


Yeah I was wondering the same thing.




I’m still not buying it. The dramatic, feigned incredulity when it is first said. The “Not Gay” shirt he’s wearing. The profanity laced through it all. He strikes me as a provocateur, not a trustworthy source of information. Until someone other than himself can verify that this actually happened, I will remain unconvinced.

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