Amazon's Alexa says Jesus Christ is a "fictional character."


The entirety of the western political world is in islams back pocket.

Hence the huge amount of money they paid into the Clinton foundation when that seemed to be the sure horse.

I don’t find this surprising at all.

The Muslims grip globally on trade and resources makes things like this a certainty.


@StephieNorthCo @Tomarin

The video is not fake. They showed the unedited version live with the live metrics.

It’s possible that some Alexa machines have this feature or they’ve adjusted the programming.

The “Not Gay” shirt actually says “Not Gay Jared” and is a reference to one of the hosts on that video, Jared Monroe, and is a running joke that is not anti-homosexual.

So if that is your argument for not believing this, that would be quite pathetic and indicate that one does not understand fundamentally what is going on.

It’s been said that the reason why the far left likes Islam so much is because they think Muslims hate America like many of them do.

That is certainly untrue, but what is true is that the left constantly panders to and I think is largely afraid of Islam and projects this fear onto the Western mainstream right.

The problem is the left thinks it can make nice with radical Islam or even those who wish to turn the entire place into a 7th Century religious utopia, but they think this about “minority” group.


I can possibly accept that the video is not fake. I can say unequivocally that none of the 4 Echo dot’s (Alexa devices) we have here respond that way. Why they dont, I don’t know, but they dont.

So, no, that is not my argument for not believing the video. I do not subscribe to the philosophy of “if the facts don’t match the theory, they must be disposed of”.


These guys are edgy which prevents me from posting a lot of their videos on here, but the one thing they don’t do is run up fake conspiracy theories.

I would say the video is true, but there may be different versions of the machine or perhaps it was reprogrammed.


Let’s not throw out the “p” word, Luigi. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Here, have some cake: :cake:

Honestly, I didn’t watch either video all the way through. Too long and I don’t care enough about it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Having someone post a video about how one of their own videos is not a hoax doesn’t strike me as the silver bullet of proof. Why couldn’t they doctor that video as well?

But, as I said above, even if we grant that the video is authentic (and I don’t discount that possibility), I can think of several more plausible explanations than that Amazon is deliberately taking covert potshots at Christianity and/or is training Alexa to be an anti-Christian liberal communist.

The fact that they are “edgy” enough that many of their videos could not be posted here reinforces my opinion that it’s not a YouTube channel I’m going to return to in the future. In terms of over-the-top conservative commentators, Matt Walsh is about as extreme as I can handle. :rofl:


Just say “alexa repeat” followed by what you want it to say. Someone could say it into the microphone on the Bluetooth remote in another room if you want to have real time interactions.


Considering Christ is a major prophet in Islam I don’t think trying to make this particular leap is particularly logical…



While it is mathematically possible, I know these two well enough to know that isn’t what they do and they don’t have the time for it. The precision requirement would be like splitting hairs twice.

If you or anyone else really doubt this based on what they’ve posted, I don’t see how you could defend the moon-landing.

I’m not sure it’s that simple to just sweep all of Amazon under the rug here. I’d be surprised if they specifically said from the top down “make sure that Islam looks good, communism is blunted and Jesus looks fake”.

If you think Matt Walsh is extreme, you’ve got problems. I also take it you don’t watch late night or cable, because they certainly are far worse that what Walsh says and in many cases than Louder with Crowder.

I’d hate to think you’d have such inconsistent intellectual standards…


I doubt the person or team who programmed this particular device even knew that fact, since those who have these kinds of agendas often have no idea about the agenda itself.


So wait let’s get this straight, those who have kinds of agenda have no idea about the agenda. We’re moving into the realms of conspiracy theory here really where there are different levels of knowledge and people only know what they need to at each level.


Which seems more likely - Amazon would risk alienating a huge number of potential customers and bring loads of unfavorable publicity on itself or that a couple of unknown Internet guys would rig an electronic device in order to generate a lot of page views and publicity for themselves?

Also, does nobody remember the Proctor and Gamble “satanic logo” scare of the 90’s? One if the benefits of getting old is that you recognize when something old comes around again.


Amazon’s “Alexa” is a fictional character and a recorded voice. It has no brain.


Yeah, shades of steam tunnels and Proctor and Gamble were certainly the feeling I got of those video. Manufactured controversy at it’s finest intended to suggest an upcoming wave of persecution.


It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s how project management in the tech industry tends to operate.

And tell me you and all the Western liberals on this site wouldn’t be fuming mad and talking about how offended your Muslims “friends” in London would be if this thing called Mohammed a fictional character and proclaimed Jesus Lord of the Universe.



First of all, Silicon Valley has been targeting basically anyone who is anti-SJW already on twitter and youtube with censorship.

Secondly, one name: James Damore

Third, yes, quite frankly, this is something Amazon would pull off if not beta test.


I could probably force this thing into doing that if I set up the appropriate conditions and that is what I suspect is going on with this video.


Outside of just telling Alex to repeat a phrase you could setup an “Alexa Skill.” Basically you would write your own program for how Alexa would respond.


Not entirely dissimilar to the old guides to making computers printout lists or provide answers to question you got in books of programmes from many years ago, just updated for a different age. I’m by no means convinced by this video and remain like Techieguy very sceptical about it.


I’m with you. The device is be design made so that anyone and everyone can write their own scripts for it.


I only resort to doing those scripts if I can find a cool way to annoy the heck out of my sister. She’s smart, so it takes a lot of effort most of the time.

All 4 of our devices (two we’ve kept the Alexa name, one is Echo, one is Computer) all respond exactly the same, and unlike the video. That is likely to be the download from the internet. Whether the source originally said something else? Unknown and essentially unknowable.

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