Amber Alert Website Offline Due To Shutdown


The informational website for the Department of Justice’s Amber Alert program is offline due to the government shutdown – but the system itself is up and running.

News organizations have been inaccurately reporting that there are no means of disseminating crucial information about missing children. and all the websites that the Office of Justice maintains currently read, “Due to the lapse in federal funding, this Office of Justice Programs website is unavailable.”

A DOJ spokesperson explained to The Huffington Post that some government websites were taken down as a safety precaution.

“All the sites that had to go offline were put behind a firewall so that they couldn’t be hacked while the IT people were on furlough.”

But important sites like M. Obama’s website are kept up:

This is unbelievable. The Obama administration has shut down the Amber Alert website because of the government shutdown and it now renders this message when you attempt to access it:

I’m sure you care about your lost child but Obama doesn’t – at least not while he’s trying to ‘win’ the government shutdown. I understand from twitter that Amber alerts are state level programs with a federal website. Not real sure how all that works but it just seems unfathomable that this website wouldn’t qualify under ‘essential’, especially when most of the government is still operating.

No, this is just Obama putting politics ahead of you finding your lost child. Despicable.

UPDATE: Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move website works just fine.


Maybe being thin is more important than being found?


If the kids are thin and in shape, they’ll be more likely to outrun their would-be abductor. :rolleyes:

This really isn’t a joking matter, but the absurdity of it, is just unbelievable.


And the Obama temper tantrum continues.


The website is back now, so what happened? The fact that the website is back now seems to be make it appear as if shutting the website down wasn’t necessary?

“We had to bring in a furloughed employee to re-open the site,” Fallon said, adding that it’s “unclear if we will have the funds to monitor” the site.

Why didn’t they bring in an employee yesterday?

I can not help but wonder if the main website was offline because they wanted to increase a level of anxiety among people?

As the following website says, and I paraphrase, Department of Justice may have broken the contingency plan by making the website appear offline as the following says what will be funded during shutdown

Those related to “emergencies involving the safety of human life or the protection of property,” i.e., where there is a reasonable likelihood that the safety of human life or the protection of property would be compromised, in some significant degree, by delay in the performance of the function in question.


So, if they had to bring in a worker to restore the site, did they have to bring in a worker to take the site down?

Reminds me of the park employees that were dispatched to keep the open air monument closed. How much did they have to pay those workers? Whereas keeping it open wouldn’t have cost a dime.

The shutdown has to hurt. If it doesn’t, Obama loses.


It would be back up and running if Obama’s kids went missing. But like gun protection, private schools, etc. there is a double standard for the liberal elites and us little common people.


Obama isn’t doing everything right in the midst of the shutdown… no surprise there. But it’s not like he’s to blame for the shutdown itself. That responsibility rest squarely on the GOP.


Wow. Just wow.



The Republicans in the House has passed 26 funding bills in the last 5 days. The Democrat controlled Senate hasn’t considered a single one.

Who shut down the government? :shrug:


How so? The power to fund originates in the House, according to the Constitution. Do you know how many federal laws and programs don’t get funded on a regular basis? Using “it’s established law” is meaningless when you look at the numerous times this administration has ignored existing federal law.

Obama already (illegally) issued delays and waivers for certain groups under the ACA. Yet for some reason, he refuses to consider such a measure through legal channels, because his opponents are the ones proposing them?

I guess comrpomise, healing, and a different kind of leader were all just things he said to get votes during the election cycle. I assume you believed him?


It’s because G. W. Bush hasn’t done a thing in the past 5 years to lead the country.


Remind me which party the Senate leader - who refuses to even put to a vote anything but exactly what he and the President want - belongs to? The House has passed multiple bills which would restore funding to everything else. Not one of them has been allowed to hit the Senate floor. Which party “closed” open-air memorials? Which party shut down the NASA website for their 55th anniversary, while leaving the First Lady’s site announcing Oct 11 as “Farm to School Salad Day” online?




The Democrat party wants everything absolutely their way or no way. They define “compromise” as others compromising for them. They seem to believe that getting elected entitles them to be absolute dictators. But the GOP has the audacity to challenge them.


So it appears the new enemies of Obama are child kidnap victims and 90 year old WW2 vets. If this was a Republican president it would be a public relations disaster. But since its Obama, nothing happens. I guess ideology trumps all. Or am I wrong, Democrat Catholics?



The silence is deafening.



So it’s routine for congress to try to circumvent laws in such a fashion? I don’t think so. They are holding this government hostage to destroy a law that many of them passed in the first place. It’s all on them.


How about challenging them in a way that doesn’t include shutting down all of our parks or the amber alert website, etc.? You know… by repealing a law. The good old fashioned way.


Or by funding all those things you mention, except for Obamacare.


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