Amber Rudd: Trump travel ban could help IS


**Amber Rudd: Trump travel ban could help IS

Donald Trump’s US travel ban on people from seven mainly Muslim countries could become a “propaganda opportunity” for so-called Islamic State, the UK’s home secretary has warned.

Amber Rudd called the president’s move “divisive” and “wrong”.

Meanwhile, MPs are to hold a debate on the government’s offer of a full UK state visit for Mr Trump.

This comes after a petition calling for the invitation to be revoked gained more than 1.7 million signatures.

A rival petition, arguing that Mr Trump’s trip should go ahead, has attracted more than 150,000 supporters.

The president’s temporary ban on nationals from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen entering the US has prompted strong criticism from many UK politicians.

Appearing before the Home Affairs Committee, Ms Rudd said the order did not equate to a “Muslim ban”, but she added that Islamic State would “use any opportunity they can to make difficulties, to create the environment they want to radicalise people, to bring them over to their side. So it is a propaganda opportunity for them, potentially.”

She said: “I think the important thing is for this government to state that we disagree with the ban and we have said that it is divisive, it is wrong. I will continue to say that.”

Demonstrations against Mr Trump took place in cities around the UK on Monday and Ms Rudd said she had made clear to US Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly the “difficulties and the response that was taking place in London and across the country”.



This is interesting given that out of all the countries in Europe, Britain is the one most desirous to have the best relationship with the Trump administration (for obvious reasons) and has thus far been very conciliatory.

I won’t draw the inevitable conclusions from this.

Needless to say, the EO just hasn’t gone down well at all this side of the pond. Relations are presently at rock bottom.


I’m not a Trump fan, but I have no problem with revising the vetting of Visa applicants if need be. But what they should have done is just stop issuing new Visas - for 90 days if need be - to review the process. It was just mindless to drop an immediately effective EO with no warning whatsoever. Even the front line officers at the ports of entry had no idea what to do; or what the policy was; or who to apply it to. As for denying entry to Permanent Residents (who already go through an extremely extensive vetting process), that was beyond mindless. That was needlessly stupid.

I don’t know if this debacle will really be a recruiting tool for terrorist organizations, but it certainly has given the U.S. a black eye. I doubt that this mess made us any safer from Trump’s “bad dudes.”


Yeah ISIS has killed far more muslims than westerners so I’m sure that people will flock to them because of all this. :rolleyes:


ISIS is loosing fighters right now.


There could be some negative loops such as this in Trump’s policy and it is something to consider.

But the clear priority is the safety of the homeland. And it’s not really a ban.


Is there any action the US could take which would not be used as a recruitment tool by ISIS and their ilk?


This is a very valid point. With an organization like IS, one is in the proverbial “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” approach insofar as diplomacy and politics are concerned. The soft touch will earn their derision, while the hard line will be used as a propaganda weapon. Moreover, they may also be using this statement as a form of disinformation to recruit disaffected, anti-Trump non-Muslims to their Satanic “cause”. Any statement of theirs is best ignored. :mad:


Rape, beheadings, mass bombings, burning alive, and genital mutilation are all one thing, but no more Mister Nice-Guy from IS - now they are really gonna hate us!


Same old tired liberal argument. If we take serious action against them, we play right into there hands by letting them divide us and that’s what they want :D.




I am repeatedly astonished at the neo-colonialist thought processes of many on the left. They don’t give formerly colonial people credit for being able to have their own thoughts and the will to act on them. So, the “little brown brothers” in the Middle EAst, for example, are dependent on the west for their every thought and motivation, being mentally incapable of anything else. It’s “wogs begin at Calais” all over again.


Uh, why “thank you” :stuck_out_tongue:


Surely you are not classing Amber Rudd as being part of a “neo-colonialist left”? Have you seen her views on immigrants :eek:


This is the worst argument I can imagine, but it seems fairly popular. Boiled down it is basically that Muslims are so easily radicalized we can’t do anything to offend them. If true then Trumps ban should be extended to all Muslims because the risk is far too great since at the slightest insult they’ll start killing Americans.


I don’t generally keep track of UK politicians, but a quick google search and a brief glance at it suggests she is for limiting immigrations, and is called “racist” by some because of it. Possibly she’s right of center, because a leftist would never be called a “racist” by the media. A leftist with the very same views would be called “concerned”, perhaps even “prudent”.

But as between the far right and the far left, the major difference in approach is whether the wallahs remain at home serving the local pashas, or whether they are imported to the west as servitors and part of the “white man’s burden”.

One can feel sorry for poor Angela Merkel. She imported a million immigrants, thinking they would tote whatever barges and lift whatever bales Germans wished not to tote or lift, only to find that many had entirely different objectives they somehow came up with all on their own.

But then, the Germans never really did master the art of colonialism, did they?


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