Ambigrams are the next non-Christian fad

Be warned, heres the next fad for any hipster or occultist or the person that wears rosaries as fashion…

The ambigram, popularized by the upcoming Angels and Demons movie by Dan Brown (the famous anti-Catholic!)

Hey that looks cool! (just kidding :D).

Actually I saw a bunch of this after DVC. My fundy friends were all excited because they got a t-shirt with Paul McCartney’s name on it that was an ambigram

I don’t get the connection between those who ware rosaries for “fashion” and the occult. I real don’t like the way the Holy Rosary is sometimes treated as just a necklace though.:shrug:

Hardly new – I saw ambigrams ages ago in GAMES magazine and went nutty for a while doing them for my name, friends & family members. Of course, I didn’t have a computer.

Dude! That’s totally awesome! WooOOoooO! “Flippy upside downey!”

Little hard to read, though…

ahem But even if they are “Popularized” by something non-Christian, I don’t see anything especially “non-Christian” about them in and of them selves.

I need to go now. I just spelt “of” “Ove” sigh

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