I watched part of a “documentary” called jesus:rise to power
At the end of a 3part series it suggested that Ambrose had been manipulated by Theodosius to exclude him (theo) from communion and then reconcile him following public penance(repentance) as away for theo to resolve /remedy his reputation with the public given his prior order to massacre people in a nearby area. It suggested Ambrose had done it to also to increase the perceived power of the church.

I find the interpretation of events pretty hard to digest given Ambrose writings and Augustine’s and Monica’s high view of him.

Does anyone one know more about this

Dear Bread and Wine,
Actual historical accounts give quite a different story. I would be surprised if they can give any substantive, historical evidence for such a scenario, making it an unsupported fabrication.

The actual historical evidence indicates that the Emperor was excommunicated, refused communion, and had to do real, severe penance which lasted for many months. This was not just a slap on the wrist.

An authentic documentary would provide primary source evidence for their claims, they did not produce even any tertiary evidence, so this is nothing more than a false, unsubstantiated claim…
Most of the major universities now have their libraries on-line so you can easily do the research to find the actual primary source evidence to refute the false, sensationalist claims of those film makers whose only aim is to make money by slandering The Church.

Ridiculous. The people of Milan didn’t choose for entertainment to stay locked into church all night, with nothing to do but sing and pray hymns.

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