Ambrosian rite side-by-side

So I’ve been reading Archdale King’s Liturgies of the Primatial Sees, and the traditional Ambrosian rite sounds like a rich and impressive liturgy, but I’ve heard some people say most of its traditional distinctiveness was lost in the reforms following the Novus Ordo, so I was wondering if anyone had a side-by-side comparison of the Ambrosian rite like they do for the TLM-NO so I could compare the two versions. I love the diversity of the distinctive traditional liturgies, so I hate to see how basically all the orders and dioceses with their own uses ditched them (or basically reformed them out of existence) after the council.

I don’t know about a side-by-side comparison of the older Ambrosian rite with its post-conciliar revision, but, if you haven’t checked it out already, you may want to check the wikipedia article on the Ambrosian Rite. At the bottom is provided a link to the “pre-conciliar” Ordinary of the Ambrosian Rite.

The Ambrosian Rite is most notably celebrated in Milan and in its environs, and therefore I believe your best bet in finding a side-by-side comparison would be to find one in the Italian language. Do you know Padre Ambroglio? He’s an Orthodox priest in Italy who posts here in the Eastern Christianity sub-forum. I wonder if he knows… :wave:

I don’t know about a side-by-side comparison of the older Ambrosian rite with its post-conciliar revision either…

But don’t lose hope… There have been some great efforts made to preserve the distinctive geographical and monastic/order rites. Here in the US, the Carmelite rite lives on in Wyoming of all places.

There are English translations of the pre-V2 Ambrosian mass on line.

Thanks for the tips. I suppose I might wind up searching for the two separately and then making my own side-by-side so that I can compare them.

This is an Italian forum where you can find some very nice photographs. You may try to contact some of the forum members or you can PM me and I will register and get information for you.

The giant flaming ball was interesting…


The local fire marshalls where I am from would probably not be a big fan…

No Italian background here… anyone can illuminate on that one?

The flaming ball is lit during the feast of the patron saint and martyr. It is called 'il faro" (the lighthouse???) It is a globe covered with a cotton fibers (decorated with cross, palms, and crown) and it is hung at the entrance of the presbiterium. It is the symbol of the life consumed by the love of Christ at the moment of martyrdom

Thank you most kindly.

I have included that photo and your explination of it at a blog I participate in ( very beautiful tradition.

click the site, scroll down till you see " The Pope on Vacation." It has a short video of the Pope on vacation in the mountains of Italy, the last part shows a beautiful baby pointing to and handling his Pectoral Cross, very sweet. The Pope looked very relaxed.

I know, I posted it. :smiley:

Thanks for stopping by to take a look!

It was a really great video, good to see His Holiness so relaxed and happy, blessings upon him, God grant him many years.:slight_smile:

This is an order form for a DVD of the Ambrosian rite… Not exactly what you were asking about, but might be helpful.

Is it a pre V II Ambrosian Latan Mass?

That is not clear to me actually… maybe if you poke around the rest of the site at the link it will be clearer… the website is from… so… pre-conciliar?

Not sure… but the other videos offered are of FSSP ordinations and Bp Rifan (SSJV)… so probably older rite…

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