Ambrosian Rite


Is there anyone here who practices the Ambrosian Rite? I'm a little curious about it, having never attended a Mass of the Ambrosian Rite. Is there anywhere in the U.S. that practices it?

I know it is mainly found in Milan, Italy, but can it be found anywhere else?


In theory, any priest of the Archdiocese of Milan may celebrate it, since the faculties to do so are ad personam. In practice, though, it’s quite rare to find outside of the ecclesiastical Province of Milan (including a few Ambrosian parishes in Ticino). It has, though, been offered somewhat regularly in Venice by a Canon from Milan, and occasionally also in Rome. Although there was some talk about it a few years back (it was supposed to have been in Boston), I’ve not heard of it actually having been done in the US.


I want to experience a Solemn Ambrosian EF.


[quote="YoungTradCath, post:3, topic:335872"]
I want to experience a Solemn Ambrosian EF.


So do I, but it's exceedingly rare, even in Milan. For the Rito Ambroziano Tradzionale, the norm seems to be Missa Cantata, and even that isn't easy to find. Of course it's not quite the same, but the neo-Ambrosian, in the Basilica San Ambrogio, (not the Duomo), is usually done with due solemnity, at least on Sundays and major feasts. It's listed on the schedule as being in Latin, and is, IIRC, considered the principal Mass of the day.


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