Ambush leaves 2 Vegas officers and Wal-Mart shopper dead; suspects also dead

Five people were dead Sunday after a man and a woman ambushed two police officers at a Las Vegas pizzeria and then stormed a nearby Wal-Mart, where police said they killed themselves after a gun battle with officers.

Wow. This is so sad. Yet another mass shooting. When is all of the violence going to end in our nation? It seems like for the past few years we’ve seen a huge increase in mass shootings and such. It seems like almost every single week there’s another one in the news. Back when I was a child, this was almost unheard of. You never heard of mass shootings like this so often. At least if you did, I don’t recall it because I was a child.

You know, I have to wonder what is the cause of all these mass shootings and other mass murders. Is it the rampant immorality in our nation, the dissatisfaction with our government, gun laws, or does Satan just simply have a very tight grip on our nation? Or perhaps it’s some combination of the above? I really don’t know.

Very sad :frowning:

I think it is an odd thing that is happening now. Not sure if it can be narrowed down to one thing but the lack of morality in the general society I am sure allows for it. People have been killing others since the beginning but we seem to be on a spree now. It is happening so regularly that one has to wonder about how regular it seems to be.

We have become so secular and worldly and all but turned our backs on God that I think this has a direct link. If you believe in nothing or even if you believe nominally in “something” then there are no consequences for your behaviors and anything goes :shrug:

I pray daily for our world!

We’ve emptied and closed the Mental Hospitals. We now have laws on the books that say you can’t force someone to get treatment for mental illness. Families can’t afford treatment for their loved ones.

No one can help these people until they commit a crime. By then it is too late.

It seems we have incidents here in the u.s. once ot twice a week.
Every weekend in chicago is a bloodbath. 29 were shot this were shot this weekend in chicago.

Terrorist attacks around the world.

The world is going crazy.

I think it is greed and power.

Just wish to add an interesting point …

Australians are finding it difficult to purchase Ammunition ,,,,,

Because U S. Ammunition Suppliers can not keep up supply to the U S. Market …
How many Bullets do you really need ?

Just keep repeating to yourselves as you go to sleep each night…“Guns don’t kill; People do. Guns don’t kill; people do…”
Australians find it difficult to understand such a great nation as America at war with itself in any Mall or school so indiscriminately across the nation.

The murder rate in the USA has gone way down however one wants to see incidences like this.

Let’s have the facts not misinformed passionate arguments.

Are gun deaths by suicide more numerous?

Are gang-related shootings the main cause of murder?

I don’t know about Ohio but here in Indiana if you say you are suicidal you have to get a mental evaluation and a lot of the times they will forcibly admit you to the mental health ward.

Really? I am surprised that the murder rate has gone way down but I am happy to hear about that. But if the murder rate has really gone down so much then why have we been having so many mass shootings and other murders?

Actually, it is the US Government that is buying up most of the ammunition here. Certain calibers of rounds are in very short supply for normal folks here as well.

For example, the Department of Homeland Security bought 1.6 billion rounds of 9mm The Social Security Administration bought 157,000 .357 rounds. and the Department of Agriculture bought 300,000 rounds. The FBI has purchased about 100 million rounds.

I am not attributing rationale behind it, but all throughout the current Administration, civilian government agencies have bought an absolutely unprecedented amount of ammunition.

And, consequently (don’t know if this is a side-effect or the purpose), prices ammunition in this country has gone through the roof.

So, to rephrase your question: how many rounds do civilian government agencies need?

   Interesting.  :hmmm:         Remember in the late 60's the Flower power People had placards saying,,,,, stop the world I wanna get off ,

It all seems Crazy huh…just Crazy…

I have heard of this and it is interesting. I have to wonder why they are doing this. Are they doing it to prevent ammunition from getting into the hands of the civilians? Or maybe they are doing it to prepare for a violent conflict that may occur here in the states or abroad?

I wonder, too. I thought at one point the Congress was going to have hearings on it, but it doesn’t seem to have happened. :confused:

How odd. You would think they would have hearings on something so strange.

To keep things simple, I will just post a graph. It looks like murder was high in 1993 but has largely been declining since.

One can research it further. The rate of violent crimes as well has dropped.

For 72 hours.

How many people do you think are cured in 72 hours?

I have a friend who is on Officer on the Las Vegas Police Force. This is one of those times when you waited in great anxiety to hear the names of those killed.

My prayers to the las vegas police department in the senseless loss of their 2 officers. Prayers to the families of the deceased officers too.

I think it has something to do with gun control, look at what happened after the sandy hook shooting, literally the next day, someone had scheduled a gun buy back event, and there was hundreds waiting in line!! There is something wrong with that picture imo…then, we start to have more and more mass shootings with the guilty killing themselves afterwards, I think it definitely has to do with gun control, not sure how, but Id bet the shootings will continue and get worse.

Id say we will see another large body count school shooting within a year or so, then the Govt will almost force gun control on the country, it will be similar to when the Nazis banned guns and went out to confiscate them all…I think this will happen fairly soon in the US, but the real question is…why does the Govt want the public dis-armed so bad? We all know why the Nazis wanted this…makes me wonder if we are on the verge of something major.

You are just hearing about it more. 24 hour news cycles, things that push certain agendas are published and get the news attention. I am guessing you grew up in the 80s, so are a similar age as me. Ever heard of the phrase “going postal?” I am too young to actually remember/be aware of the origins, but old enough where it was still used, and people explained it to me. In essence, “mass shootings” are not as uncommon in the past as we believe they were.

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