AMC's "The Prisoner" starring Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel was just on EWTN talking about AMC’s “The Prisoner” in which he stars. He made it sound very intriguing and he said it is morally relevant to what is happening in our world today. About the show:

I had already talked to my wife who was intrigued by the show and we agreed that we wanted nothing to do with anything Ian McLellan is in. I dislike that man’s antichrisitan activism that much.

I remember my mother’s comment, I think in relation to someone criticizing her for liking Frank Sinatra’s music, given his questionable lifestyle, divorces etc. She said if she never listened to a song or saw a movie by any artist whose manner of life and public persona was less than virtuous she would be unable to listen to music or watch movies or TV at all. I saw the preview show and the concept sounds intriguing, and I am wondering how a theme that contains so many Christian elements could become mainstream, esp. on the same channel with Mad Men, so I will definitely tape the first show.

I guess you folks do not realize the Patriots are playing the Colts at the same time.

That is why I save my ire only for those who take an activist approach to their evil and use their position or fame as weapons against God.

I speak of Ian McLelland, not Tom Brady.

TIVO–AMC has commercials, and I don’t know who Tom Brady is

I watched one preview clip. It was confusing. The web site is bland. I have very low expectations and will not be watching.


My bet is that is best to stick with the original with Patrick McGoohan. Cheesy 60’s effects, but a fascinating watch except for the end in which it plays out like they really couldn’t decide what to do, so they gave you the death-by-1000-possible-interpretations.

I’ll take cheesey with a compelling story any day.


Jim Caviezel is always very careful with the scripts he chooses. I think his lesser work has been “angel eyes” with JLO.

The original prisoner was a really good series. 60’s cheezy, but engaging. So it will be interesting watching it. I’m DVRing and then pass judgment afterward.

It’s a football joke. Sorry. Yes, AMC does commericials. I got kind of burned on “Lost” on the whole series that never ends type of programming. I guess I am too simple and like my plots to end with the episode and not continue ad infinitum.

Here in San Diego we save our ire for any of the Mannings :wink:

I was very disappointed with Mr. Caviezel, especially after seeing him on EWTN and watching him praise “The Prisoner” as the second hardest thing he has done since “The Passion of the Christ”. The unnecessary crude language,sexual inuendo, and homosexual themes do him no credit. He did say on EWTN that the movie had “adult” content, but I don’t want to be that kind of adult. He needs to be much more careful about the roles he chooses to play. (I was not too surprised by the underlying homosexual plot twist given that Sir Ian was in the film.)

I missed last night… what’s the homosexual theme?

Is any one watching it and would anyone want to discuss it?

I actually like it. I’m a little confused about some parts…but I have a theory about what everything means.

It’s a program for adults, though. But not as much violence or bad language as a R film. There is a “love scene” I was actually going to get mad at Mr. Caviezel. :mad: A while ago, he stated that he does not do “love scenes” and does not take a lot of offers because of that.

But the scene is shot mostly in silouhette, and nothing overly graphic.

I DVR’ed it, and kinda like it.
but agree that the “lovemaking scene” was a bit much, specially for Mr. Caviziel.

Anyhow, it is still trippy/sometimes psycodelic (like the original). They even brought back the Rover (the white ball that chases them). If you don’t like flashbacks, you certainly won’t enjoy it.

I also have a theory of what is about (maybe the prison is in their minds). But we’ll have to see tonight.

I think the village is in 6’s mind and that real life for him is NY. And that something happened to him. Also interesting is that the “rover” comes for people that are connected to his real life. The “brother” and “Lucy”.

I think 2 might be the father of 6. Interesting. :ehh:

I was a little surprised at the love scene Jim chose to do. I saw his interview on the “World Over” after I watched the first part of “The Prisoner”. I have really been trying to connect some spirituality to this show. I do think it is interesting, but I did send my 13 yr old son away when they started in with the homosexual story line. It is quite rough. The man who slit his own throat really caught me by surprise. Jim said we would be crying and laughing. I haven’t seen anything that is humorous. I will watch tonight. But part of me is thinking “what could have you have accomplished in the six hours you have given to this show?” However; I am sick today, so maybe I can “use” that for an excuse to sit and watch.:confused:

I watched it Sunday night. That was enough for me. The entire premise of the movie is to provide you with a “clue” (it’s not really a clue) that cannot possibly lead to you a better understanding of what is going on. So you watch, until the next commercial, find you are no more aware of what is going on, watch again till the next commercial and still wondering what you just saw and left even more bewildered. It’s not even a brain tease, it just plain silly.

I don’t even find myself curious, I just feel like I wasted 2 hours. Maybe I am getting cranky in my old age but that show was totally pointless. :confused:

I watched all 6 hours of it, mainly because of Jim Caveizel. Found it confusing, but an intersting premise…didn’t see the original. But I sure missed the homosexual theme or twist…what was it? I have been re-running the show in my mind for the last few hours and for the life of me, I don’t see it??? Please help me! Thanks
:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

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