America has just one Blockbuster left



I used to work there when I was young. I didn’t realize there were ANY left! How fast it went under with the arrival Netflix, but they tried to do the online thing too.


I didn’t think there were any left either.
I had forgotten all about them.


Perhaps when it also closes its doors to business the local government can keep it open as a museum to late 20th century living? :slight_smile:

It would make an interesting school visit. (movie included).

It also dates certain movies like Will Smith’s ‘I Am Legend’ that use such stores in their plot.

Actually maybe the last store could also be used as future movie sets?


I guess this is my last chance to return my copy of “3 Men and a Baby” without incurring any more fines.


I am not sure they want any Betamax tapes, back.




Be kind


Half price Tuesdays. 24 hour return.


I prefer a Blockbuster to a Redbox.


Twice I’ve clicked on the post thinking something totally unrelated to a movie rental site… :slight_smile:


I prefer the library to both.


I think the ones in Alaska survived because of lack of a developed high speed internet infrastructure. When video streaming services are not an option moving physical storage around is the fastest way to transfer video.


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