America in 2030

This all just came to me. For the love of God, I hope I’m not a prophet.

**America in 2030
Socialism is rampant. The Republican party continues to be deeply fractured on social issues and immigration. Party registrations are at historic lows. No Republican since George W. Bush has served as President.

Barack Obama, having served two consecutive terms from 2008 to 2016, failed in his attempts to repeal the 22nd Amendment but was elected again as President in 2020 and 2024. 2014 was a water-shed year for Obama as he appointed three new liberal justices to the Supreme Court. The same year saw control of both houses of Congress go to the Democrats, which promptly granted citizenship to all illegal immigrants currently living in the US, vastly widening his base while significantly saddling an already overwhelmed entitlement system. The liberal Congress also passed sweeping changes to the tax code, environmental laws and gun rights. Perhaps most significantly, Congress criminalized hate speech in all it’s forms and occasions for any citizen, dealing a colossal blow to free speech.

Due to several severe and successive recessions brought on by unprecedented government spending and a loss of confidence in the US dollar in the world markets, large segments of the economy have been nationalized or heavily regulated, including energy, transportation, insurance, education and agriculture. All farmers now operate as tenant farmers for the federal government. Additional Obamacare regulations, in an attempt to reduce public health costs related to unhealthy diets, have decimated the restaurant industry resulting in even further loss of jobs.

Stifling business and tax laws have severely hobbled free enterprise and forced most of the wealthy to leave the country. The middle class is vastly diminished due to a loss of jobs while government welfare continues to grow exponentially. The income tax rate is 60% for most Americans while the wealthy pay 85%. Small business has all but disappeared. A 2023 Huffington Post poll found that 65% of Americans feel they are happy and content with the status quo.

The liberal agenda is that of the majority. Gay, lesbian, transgendered sexuality and abortion have been normalized and is taught in schools. Homeschooling has been abolished and private schools are extinct. Parents can lose custody of their children for teaching them “hateful” things such as pro-life and pro-family (anti-homosexual) values. Abortions and contraceptives are completely subsidized by the state and available in nearly every town in America, without parental consent. There are very few Catholic parishes left, most of them having been litigated into oblivion for failure to comply with the 2012 ObamaCare HHS mandate, the 2015 Religious Rights Act or for refusing to employ, marry or do business with gay married couples.

Christians, relentlessly marginalized and demonized by the media and Hollywood as deluded relics of the past, have gone underground for fear of reprisals from the general public. Atheistic activists watch with hateful eyes for any sign of organized religion while the authorities look the other way.

Pope Gregory the X in exile in Venezuela has beatified 12 American martyrs and named 16 new American bishops “in pectore”.

Sooooo…who wins the World Series?

Hopefully marijuana is legalized.

The U.S. mens soccer team wins the World Cup? :ehh:

We find out Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin were both born men?

:dts: Hopefully we will not sink that low.

Is the republican party even going to exist?


Like seriously…

Every year, I feel as if it’s an entity that continues to get smaller, and smaller; something that could end up just existing in the deep South.

And, you forgot to mention how the democratic party is going to split, into two different parties.

Anyway, I’ll be probably be living on the other side of the Pacific or Equator, by 2030.


Let’s keep it illegal so thousands of people can keep on dying every year due to it, (smart) corporations keep on benefiting from this madness, tax dollars from countries across the Americas are wasted, and so much more…

It’s a great idea, ThatOrthodoxGuy! Have you considered running for office? :thumbsup:

I’d totally vote for you to support all this suffering. :wink:

Gotta love the Drug War. :):D:D

:hmmm:and I thought that I was a pessimist. Have faith brother, God is in control. :thumbsup:

You state that no Republican since George W. Bush has served as President as though this happened so long ago and Bush was such a good President.

Every empire in history has sunk. Time for America’s turn.

Hasn’t the latter question already been verified?

Hey, its their choice to die for this dumb drug and the drug war needs to heat up. We need stiffer penalties here to help get rid of these problems and no need to be rude or bash people who do not hold to that liberal legalize everything pipe dream.

As I’ve stated before, the conservative William F. Buckley, back in the 1970’s, expressed the view that marijuana, and even harder drugs, should be legalized. Stiffer penalties never have and will not get rid of drug use.

Maybe not. But the last thing the drug culture needs is public approval.

Hmmm… BHO fails to repeal term limits, but is reelected three times, anyway? Then the whole country gets what it wanted, as changing the Constitution takes more than one party to achieve.

And why is the Pope living in VZ? US decadence would not affect Italy or the SCV. And ISTM that South America would remain far more socialist than we are.


We haven’t been there that long! We’ll get it back.

Legalization isn’t the same as public approval. It is legal to get drunk and smoke until you develop lung cancer, but it’s hardly publicly approved of.

                             Hey, its their choice to die for this dumb drug and the drug war  needs to heat up. 

The innocents dying in Mexico aren’t making the choice to die in the drug war, and neither are the people caught in the crossfire here. What you are advocating is an increase in bloodshed, is that reasonable?

We need stiffer penalties here to help get rid of these problem

Stiff penalties are precisely why people die over marijuana. Stiffer penalties means higher cost, higher cost means higher profits, higher profits means deadlier methods used to secure distribution “rights”.

This isn’t wild speculation, it’s the proven business model of the black market drug trade. It’s what happened during Prohibition, and it’s what happened in South America when the U.S. start pressuring the governments there to use military force to shut down the cartels, and it’s what’s happening now in Mexico because of the same kind of pressure that was put on South America. It’s also what the Fathers predicted would happen if vices were made illegal, incidentally.

We’ve seen a LOT of innocent people murdered over substances that would only be hurting the people who use them, and people continue to use them in ever greater numbers despite the “heating up” of the drug war.

I’m proud that my state had the guts to say “No” to murdered kids in Mexico. :thumbsup:

With all that out of the way, I don’t think very much of the OP is going to come true, least of all the Socialist predictions.

Peace and God bless!

To be honest, this makes me wonder. Any country with a 60% income tax would collapse rather quickly. Despite what you hear from the republican party, the United States of America is still more free and conservative (and Christian) than any other NATO pact country, Asia is mostly atheist, and Australia has a government that many Christians would take to be highly immoral.

I’d be less surprised to find America, even in a battered state, as the last stronghold of Christians than America going anti-Christian.

This is what the Pontifical Council for the Family had to say on the matter in 1997:

I imagine that William Buckley would bow to the view of the Cardinals and Bishops in Rome, given his Catholic faith. May his soul rest in Heaven.

Anyways, I would agree with some that America likely won’t be here in 2030. We are more polarized than ever. America seems less a country where people can consolidate around anything, and more a patchwork of various tribes. WWII or Korea were the last wars where the entire country banded together as one. Ever since Vietnam, not even war and supporting the troops can bring the nation together around one thing.

Reading news about the petitions I saw a quote that read “It is illogical that Alabama and Vermont should have to reside in the same political union”. And, I agree.

I just find it appalling that the majority of states in which the Catholic Church is the largest denomination voted for Obama. That, I find appalling. And, like my stance on drugs, I can confidently claim that the Bishops are equally as appalled as I am.

I’m sorry, while I too am worried about these things, we need to be careful about what we see or comes to us. How do we know Satan is leading you to despair, if this truly isn’t just the ramblings in your head.

Secondly, the whole post gets off at Obama being reelected in 2016. Barring World War 3 Occuring (and even then it would be unlikely) Obama would not run for a third term. Could you imagine the storm that would brew among not only conservatives, but moderates. I’m sure even some Libs would say he couldn’t do that, though they’d rather support another democrat. I’m sorry, Obama is a bad president, but for heaven’s sake I don’t think he wants to be president that long. Even if America conforms to his will, it still would be a tiring job.

Anyway, I think you’ve taken a little too much far right koolaid (though i’ll admit better than far left kool aid:D) and you need to actually pray. I doubt any of this will happen, but if you start praying,it won’t. Something betterwill come along

Good post, particularly the distinction you draw between legality and public or social approval. And, I would add, the whole notion that all other recreational drugs cause more harm to society and to the individuals who use them compared to the drug called alcohol, and that their consumption is intrinsically evil, is a large part of the problem.

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