America Magazine - Has it Changed?

On another form (in Yahoo Groups), the Catholic Workers Movement became a topic and one person suggested America Magazine as a good source on the subject.

I know from a few years back, the editor was sacked due to pressure from the Holy See due to its liberal leanings.

My question is, has it changed enough so it would be in line with Catholic teachings?

I don’t read the magazine regularly. It seems to me that it has been rather on the “liberal” side of matters for decades, though, even going back to the 1960’s. I came across a recent copy a few weeks ago and it seems to maintain that tendency.

This may be an undeserved remark but I have often found the writing to be rather dense. For a magazine intended for an intellectual audience, clarity was less than I would hope for. Sometimes the authors took a postion that was so subtly nuanced, that it was all nuance and no conclusion.

America magazine came under fire because it presented both sides of contentious issues. The Vatican was critical because it didn’t want the other side of certain issues presented. If the Church had an official position, presenting the counter-position was seen as off-base, particularly in a well-read magazine such as American.

This magazine is so liberal it’s off the charts. Totally untrustworthy.

America is actually pretty middle-of-the-road. I read it for years and found it quite balanced.

Really? What recent article (in the past year) makes it so untrustworthy?

I subscribe to America and U.S. Catholic. I plan on keeping my subscription to America as I find its views moderate and respectable, allowing the reader to form his/her own judgments. The Pope’s “condom” comment was rationally defended by America, while U.S. Catholic published an article months prior advocating increased condom use in Africa.

The only thing I find questionable about America is its taste in entertainment. “Mad Men” and Springsteen are hardly my opinion of quality entertainment, but I’m sure some of you would say the same about my Waylon & Willie. :rolleyes:

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