AMERICA/MEXICO - Priest assaulted and handcuffed, "the arms trade is flourishing", denounces the Bishop


Irapuato - “The violent assault committed by armed men against the parish of the Señor de la Clemencia in Irapuato, is a painful affront to the whole community”, said the Bishop of the Diocese of Irapuato, His Exc. Mgr. José de Jesús Martínez Zepeda, in the note sent to Fides. On Tuesday, April 26, four armed individuals entered the sacristy of the church, where there was a priest and two women. One of the thugs handcuffed the priest and others stole all the offers of the parish.
“I was hurt to hear that one of our priests was humiliated - said the Bishop -, in doing so they offended the entire community. It is clear that the arms trade is still thriving, because, as the priest said, they all had guns”.
Mgr. Martínez Zepeda, who intends to give recommendations to all parishes in order to reduce risk and ensure safety, noted that “there is crime everywhere, in homes, families are robbed, on the street, even with violence, crime does not respect anyone, not even priests”.
The local community is very impressed by the fact that the Church greatly helps families in need in this area, but unfortunately delinquency and arms trade increases more and more.

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