America Needs Fatima

I recently received a postcard to have a Pilgrim Virgin statue of Our Lady of Fatima in my home. At first glance it seems like a marvelous opportunity to have people come together in our home to pray the rosary for world peace, especially since a local Catholic church is being blessed with the same honor. However, on second glance everything that I have since uncovered reveals TFP and America Needs Fatima to be a cult. Going to google and putting in Pope on TFP the results are incredible.Also Unity Publishing, the Blue Army and The Fatima Family Apostolate have nothing good to say despite the high praise from EWTN. Many of my friends are skeptical because TFP does such great work and seems so solid. The problem is that scripture tells us that the Anti-Christ is going to seem so much like Christ that the very elect will be fooled.Perhaps they are too far too the right. Who does more good for Pro-life, the people who yell and scream and protest or the people who pray in silence and adoration?

Hi Kathy, I recieved a letter from them not long ago, with a nice picture of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. I was wondering about their organization as well, I hadn’t heard of them before. It’s so hard today to trust anyone…you want to but you have to be careful. I’ll look a little closer into this as well. If I find anything, I’ll put it on here. :slight_smile:

**This is interesting. **

I am cultivating a devotion to Our Lady of Fatima… But what is TFP?
Sounds like I should find out.

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