America, The National Catholic Weekly

I wanted to ask if anyone has checked into this magazine - America. It is advertised as catholic. Some catholic content is present. However, some of the material seems to border on liberalism, modernism, excessive social justice, etc.

I am hoping others have looked into this publication and can offer more comments and insight. Please help.


It has a “Danger” rating on Catholic Culture. Stay away.

I am so sick of things being called “Catholic” when they promote non-Catholic things or cause confusion about Church teaching.

Any “Catholic” magazine that promotes New Age, women priests, homosexual “marriage”, abortion, euthenasia, cohabitation, priests getting married, etc., is a magazine to avoid. These can lead people to sin not only because they themselves think it’s okay to do or approve of these things, but also because they can advise others to sin. Not only that, but they could end up leaving the Church and/or going away from God entirely.

I think the Vatican needs to start a new program where they (and the bishops they give the authority to) go through magazines, books, organizations, websites, etc. that claim to be Catholic, and then give the ones that actually follow and promote Church teaching a seal of approval. On the websites, the seal can link back to a page on the Vatican website that says the site name, website URL, organization number, and when it was approved.

This is kind of like what the Better Business Buerau does. Sites can link back to their website if they’re approved and you can verify on the BBB that that organization really was approved.

Otherwise, there is going to be mass confusion as more and more “Catholic” organizations draw people away from the Catholic Church.

Thanks for the replies. I will go to Catholic Culture in the future to get a reading on whether the publication is Catholic or just a fraud.

By the way, the issue I have is incredibly bad. I will recycle it so that some good comes from it.

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