:thumbsup:Well im of to america with my family on friday we are going to florida. Anyone know of any catholic churches in Orlando? Are there any nice places i could visit?

My family went to SeaWorld and really really enjoyed it. We paid extra for the “behind the seens tour”. In addition to the whales and other sea life, they have a couple of world class roller coasters. The food is pretty good too.

I live in Orlando! :smiley:
What area will you be visiting? The theme parks? If so…

If you’re coming to another area of Orlando let me know and I’ll direct you somewhere else! :slight_smile:

It’s a bit of a trek, but if you can make it, Cape Caneveral (where they launch the Space Shuttles) is a fantastic visit.

God bless you, be safe, and welcome to America!

By the way, it’s not “America”; it’s “the United States.” :stuck_out_tongue:

There are plenty of us here in American who call our country “America.”

We are the United States of America.

A few songs to back this up:

God Bless America
America the Beautiful
God Save America
American Patrol

and of course, the song from Team America, World Police: American **** Yeah!!!

“America” depends on your perspective. :smiley:

I had never thought about it until some co-workers of mine from Uruguay, Columbia, Costa Rica brought up the discussion… they DO take offense at the fact that the USA is often simply called “America” because THEY are ALSO part of AMERICA! - Yes, South, Central, North, whatever you want to call it… we’re ALL “Americans”…

So, ahoyhoy makes a good point… we have to be courteous to our neighbors! :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for Catholic parishes in Orlando, I would check out You can search by city and find all the parishes in Orlando, along with their Mass times. :slight_smile:

It really depends on the person.

There are some Latin Americans who take offense at using the word “America” to refer to the United States (South America is “America” too, after all.) These people mostly seem to be mostly liberal “politically correct” types who are quick to take offense at everything.

Most Latin Americans use the word “American” (americano) to refer to someone from the US without thinking twice.

When you’re actually in the US, there’s nothing wrong with using the word “America” to refer to the country.

PS: When in Orlando, a popular Catholic tourist destination is the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe. .

Hello all and thank you for replying to my post although i didnt get the chance to log on and check out your comments before i left for UNITED STATES OF America. My son loved the trip i took him to sea world,aquatica,wet and wild,buche gardens adventure island and universal studios. Although we didnt get to a church we did however buy beautiful rosarys to take home with us. We were also present for the shuttle launch. There was a very bad storm which we are not used too or ever seen the likes of in scotland. Orlando is very beautiful and there is a lot more to it than just the amuzments ofcourse my son wont aggree with that haha. We loved lazing around the pool. The people are all very friendly and happy golucky. However there is no place like home and we are happy to be home and getting ready for christmas. I love america and plan to go to denver next year i have heard how beautiful it is there and want to see for myself. Anyway thank you to all who replied to my post. :smiley:

Hello Trish,

I’m glad you liked it. I was also in Orlando two weeks ago, and the weather was wonderful. The parks you visited had very few crowds because it was October – in the winter and summer months, they are jammed with tourists.

I also live in Orlando. If you are going to Disney, definitely check out Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine. It’s beautiful, and located right off Disney property (there might even be shuttles to the area called Little Lake Bryan…).

Glad you came!

Thank you im glad i went too and will go back in a few years. Yes the parks were very crowded when i was there but then i had traveld over 10 hours to get there from scotland so we were just glad to be there and didnt mind waiting in line. :thumbsup:

What can we call you if we can’t call you Americans? ( Canadians are North American too… I don’t know why you guys get to take claim on the American ) :stuck_out_tongue:

I know i was a little confused by this to me america is america and to be corrected for saying im of to america on my holidays felt silly as orlando is in america is it not.
I also agree with you.

:eek:Maybe I’m wrong but I call them “Canadians”. LOL. :blush::confused::rolleyes::cool:

Because you’re in the “North” part, whereas we’re in the “America” part. Mexico and Central America were too thin to fit a whole word on the map when they named the continent, so they get an exclamation point and a few periods instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

;)Ah well what ever. I was in america loved it and will go back. I wont get into a debate about what to call it other than america as to me it is what it is.I think there are more important posters in here who need advice so all of a sudden this debate isint important Thank you to all who posted.:smiley:

Glad you enjoyed your visit to America. The frozen region north of here is called Canada and people from there are called Canadians, naturally. Americans in general like Canadians quite well. Canadians also like Orlando and go there often when things get really iced up in Canadia, generally between September and June. They go home to celebrate the thaw in July.

Canadians sometimes do not like Americans. Americans don’t understand this and generally don’t pay much attention to them, which is probably a big part of the problem. Hardly anyone from Orlando ever goes to Quebec for example, or Halifax. Most Orlandians have never even heard of those places, but have seen pictures of polar bears and reindeer at Santa’s toy shop up in Canadia.

Scots and Canadians problably have a bit more in common than Scots and Americans, with America not having retained any ties to the Queen and her Commonwealth and America having so many pools and palm trees.

Anyway, it sounds like you had a wonderful visit to America and when you come back I hope you have an even better time. Americans generally enjoy listening to Scots talk. Canadians sound like most Americans, but they say, ey too much. My grandparents came from Canada. They moved to America from Nova Scotia. Before that they came from Scotland. My grandmother dropped her Canadian accent and never said ey.

I lived for a few years just south of the Canadian border, but I moved, because it was too cold and frozen there to have a sense of humor.

As a side note, did you know that America was named after an Italian? His name was Vespucci. No kidding! But his first name was Americus. It was a lot easier to use his first name for our country. Who would want to have their country named Vespucca? That sounds like a motor scooter, but if we Americans were called Vespuccans it might have had some benefits. Canadians probably would not be jealous.

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