American Atheists Launch Anti-Prayer Super Bowl Ad


“With the message, “A ‘Hail Mary’ only works in football,” the billboard mocks the common Christian prayer used to ask for the Virgin Mary’s intercession. Some may find the billboard to be offensive and even proselytizing, and, well, they’d be right.”

Well, I guess its time to pray some Hail Mary’s for them.


Looks like all the more reason to say the Hail Mary.


Isn’t the Hail Mary specifically Catholic. The news article called it a Christian prayer. Many Christians will be offended by that alone haha.

I’m not sure what the point of it is or who the ad is tageting. Those of us that pray know that it works so it’s not aimed at us. I can only assume it’s for other like minded people to pat themselves on the back and have a laugh at our expense. It’s not so bad, Christ said people would do this.


The funny thing is that the football “Hail Mary” is really based on praying. The quarterback who is credited with the phrase (Roger Staubach, a Catholic) was asked after throwing one of those amazing, last second winning touchdown passes “so what were you thinking when you threw that?” and his reply was " I closed my eyes and said a Hail Mary…". One of my favorite football stories.



Some atheists find it amusing to mock Christians and most specifically Catholics :shrug:
I think some think that they are somehow smarter and more knowledgeable and Christians just believe in fairy people and mumbo jumbo and this is another attempt at undermining and ridiculing. It is what it is and while it does impact me, it does make me want to pray more for these people. I KNOW prayer works, as do many Christians so…whatever :rolleyes: as the modern saying goes.




HAHA! I’d say that’s one of the only times it doesn’t work! Makes me laugh at how backwards they’ve got it.


That may be the original story, but it’s not connected with faithful praying now. I’d say if they think if it as religious at all, football players see it as more of a superstitious kind of thing.

And the folks who put up the billboard just wasted their money. With the level of religious education in this country, I doubt half the people who see the billboard will even understand the Hail Mary is a real prayer. :rolleyes:


What a bunch of incorrect, ignorant fools. Great waste of money too, when we know they are wrong. “Hey, let’s spend millions of dollars on a billboard claiming dirt and water don’t exist!”


I find it interesting that in the article, Amanda Knief, is quoted as saying

“During the Super Bowl, people of all religions and atheists come together as a community"

I wonder what community she is part of where they mock and ridicule one another for their deeply and sincerely held beliefs.

We should keep these folks in our prayers.


Of course the Hail Mary is not a common Christian prayer. It is exclusively Roman Catholic,


John 15:18

“If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you.”


I know they can criticize Catholicism all they like, but I’ll put the Catholic Church up any day against the National Atheists…whatever. What do they do to help mankind except criticize everybody else?

Well, the Church does feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, visit the imprisoned and sick, teach the ignorant, helping those with all kinds of disabilities who society rejects. The Church goes to the farthest corners of the world, building refugee centers, helping out in disaster relief, building hospitals, schools, etc. They help with adoption, the disabled, foreigners, widows, orphans, the most rejected, homeless.

I’d put the Catholic Church up against the Atheist’s leagues any day of the week. What does this atheist society spend their money on? Ads to criticize prayer! How much would an ad like that cost, at the Superbowl? What a waste of money!

Why don’t they use it instead to really do some good for somebody?! This doesn’t give me a good opinion of atheism. These particular atheists seem to be on a recruitment drive to try to make people just as negative and intolerant as themselves.


We’ll have to check in on them in 2000 years to see how they are doing. Perhaps they’ll come up with something constructive by then.


They are on a wipe out Christianity drive is what they are on. The past few months they have been flooding internet fora with their indisputable (so they claim) “facts” about what a bunch of fables Christianity is based upon.


Anti-catholic billboards? There’s still hope in the world.


In contrast:

-No Catholic ever mocks any atheist for any reasons.
-No Catholic believes that they are more knowledgable than atheists.
-No Catholic ever undermines or ridicules atheists.




Oh well, pray for them. People who say the Hail Mary won’t be affected by it, and people who don’t either won’t care or won’t understand. A handful of people will get a chuckle out of it, and a significant number of people will be offended. Overall, a pretty big waste of money.


Thanks. I was wondering how the phrase “Hail Mary Pass” came about.


What empty lives these people must have, to spend time, effort and money ridiculing others instead of getting off their duffs and doing some good in the world. Sad…


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