American Atheists launch provocative campaign in religious Deep South


Atheist activists are taking their campaigns to the Bible Belt this Christmas with a provocative billboard campaign that is expected to stir controversy in America’s religious heartlands.

The giant advertising hoardings in the Tennessee cities of Memphis, Nashville, St. Louis and Fort Smith, Arkansas show a mischievous-looking young girl writing her letter to Father Christmas: “Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is to skip church! I’m too old for fairy tales,” she writes.

The advertising campaign by the American Atheists group will run until Christmas Eve and is the first time the group has aimed its anti-God adverts directly at residential religious areas, having previously targeted urban audiences in big venues such as Times Square in New York.


We must pray for atheists, they are only hurting themselves in the end.


Ignorance, bigotry, and brutality knows no bounds; atheism is the perfect example of this.


That’s really hateful


What do they seek to gain from this? Sounds like a waste of money on their parts.


I believe the very definition of irony may be writing a letter TO SANTA explaining your distaste for fairy tales. The same people that have created a secular interpretation of St. Nicholas, find that to be acceptable, but won’t accept proof of the life of Jesus Christ. There is far more proof of the life of Christ then there is for the person she wrote her letter to…maybe atheists should start there…and leave those of us that believe alone.


The irony of the evangelizing atheist. :rolleyes:


This is saddening because their confusion and blind aggression are our failures as evangelists and apologists.

Cheer yourself up again by imagining what Pope Francis could do in a 15 minute conversation with the president of this organization. Or perhaps Blessed John Paul II… Or perhaps St. Nicholas… :cool:

Or all three at once! Mr. David Silverman would probably up and become a monk.

Or Jesus Himself! He’d probably up and become a saint, like St. Paul! :smiley:

Here comes a bad pun, cover your eyes: He would take the “at” out of that “conversation.”


Do they have some organized group that collects donations? Not because I want to give, goodness no, just wondering how they were able to collect the capital.


I’m always amazed at how rude and nasty these people are. They have no respect for others. They have no sense of decency.


I really can’t stand the fairy tale meme among atheists. I know the intention is to make us look silly for believing in the supernautual but to me it just shows they don’t know the difference between fairy tales, legends, and myths. I’m not sure anything in the Bible qualifies as a fairy tale. The closest I can think of is the Adam and Eve story because of the talking snake but it’s more of an origin myth in my opinion.


the joke is on them - Santa Claus or father Christmas comes from SAINT NICHOLAS a man who lived in the 300s.


I suspect the result of their efforts will tick off the majority, make the few atheists down here feel smug, for a moment, and give plenty of material for the local fire and brimstone preachers. However, in the end, the money could have been used for good, rather than to be mean. I guess that’s their ‘spirit of Christmas’.


The atheist spirit of Christmas, presented below.


Would you feel the same way if a Christian group put up a Christmas billboard? Both are just as effective at converting or helping others.


That is an inappropriate analogy. One is attacking the beliefs of others. Another is presenting their beliefs. If you have no beliefs to present, does that make attacking a good thing?


I think this is the best response to their ad alluding to a child that doesn’t want to go to church:

Parents are supposed to care for their childrens’ minds, bodies and souls. We make them go to school when they don’t want to because education is good for them. We make them eat their vegatables when they don’t want to because it keeps their bodies healthy. We make them go to church when they don’t want to because it’s good for their souls.


Regarding the belief of God and faith as “fairy tales” is ignorant and rude in itself. :mad::ehh:


As opposed to telling unbelievers that your god will be torturing them for all eternity?


One huge difference is the one has the intention to benefit someone, the other merely to mock. What is the biggest harm for being wrong about not sinning, oh, a waste of time? What is the harm of being wrong about sinning, eternal damnation. Not exactly equivalent.

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