American Bible Society

What do you know about this organization? I think it has ties to the Pentecostal communion, but I could be wrong.

So far as I am aware, the ABS has no denominational affiliation whatsoever. It is true that many churches do donate to ABS, including my own (UMC), but it operates apart from any particular church structure.
I would be very surprised if any of the pentecostal groups were related to it; from my own observation, most pentecostal churches are critical of ABS, they seem to feel that it’s translations are too “modern” (ie, too little like KJV), & they also think ABS should not be printing Bibles containing the deuterocanonical books…

Thank you, Zooey, that is helpful.

ABS specializes in providing low cost bibles and testaments in bulk quantities and pricing for ministry, outreach, missionary work and evangelization. Since they are a protestant-evangelical organization naturally most of their bibles are protestant translations, KJV, NRSV, TEV, GNT etc.

They are one of the largest, if not the largest, groups providing translations of Bibles in foreign languages. Most of these are translations of English language translations from protestant sources, rather than direct translations from original languages to Chinese, etc. However, their scholars do work on projects producing translations from the original languages. They also have bible study resources like concordances, Greek and Hebrew commentaries etc.

They do have low cost Catholic Bibles (look for the Imprimatur in the description), some NAB, some GNT with "deutero-canonicals). They have a new Spanish/English side-by-side version GNT for the English and comparable Spanish version which can be very helpful for RCIA etc., if you don’t have a problem with the GNT in general (I do, but find it a good bible for those who have English as a second language, or read below HS grade level, which is very common in prison ministry and other outreach).

as a side note, I don’t believe there is a Pentecostal Communion in the sense of a unified Pentecostal denomination, as a rule pentecostal congregations are very loosely affiliated or completely independent of any national or global organization.

Thank you, puzzleannie.

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