American Catholic Council

The ACC is holding its big hoo haa in Detroit this weekend. This is a link to a new platform that they wish to have thrust-ed on all Catholics:

These people are a real threat to Catholicism in the US , they are the poster children for the modernist movement. The +Bishop of Detroit has spoken out against them and strongly urged his flock to ignore them.

Pray for their conversion from sin and a return to the True Faith in communion with Holy Mother Church.

Some people fear an open schism. May be this is God’s will, and will unite the others under the only true compass the Magisterium.

I don’t understand how they want to return to the pre-Vatican II norms and also want:

 A voice in the selection of pastors and bishops;
 Optional celibacy;
 Open and meaningful progress on the role of women in the Church;
 Availability of full sacramental life for all who wish it and;
 Sincere ecumenism and theological freedom of inquiry.

Don’t these kinda go against the pre-Vatican II norms?

There is no need to fear any schism. Here is more information:


Excommunicate them all then they can go join the Protestant Church that fits their warped beliefs.

And what do these faithful Catholics want?
 Revitalized parish and diocesan councils; ok,no problem with that as long as those councils don’t try to take authority from the pastor or Bishop
 A voice in the selection of pastors and bishops;no way.
 Optional celibacy;I don’t think we are ready for that but if the Church decides to do this, I’m ok with it
 Open and meaningful progress on the role of women in the Church;the Church has been very progressive already in this are
 Availability of full sacramental life for all who wish it;for those that wish it and are properly disposed – already being done
 Renewed emphasis on conscience and morality; **oh, yeah. :thumbsup: Does this mean a return to Confession and more “fire and brimstone” homilies. Count me in! **
 Effective resolution of the abuse crisis, including holding perpetrators and their enablers responsible; already being addressed - not perfectly but this is a strong point for the heirarchy these days with regard to current accusations.
 Sincere ecumenism and theological freedom of inquiry; no problem here. Of course, they need to recogize the difference between “freedom of inquiry” and outright dissent, which I don’t think they do
 Financial transparency; **ok but I don’t think this is a problem in most parishes/dioceses **
 A recommitment to social justice that responds to the many problems of the poor, hungry and homeless in our world; committment, recommittment, yes we are all on board with this

I guess we will see. The Bishop warned against illicit concelebration and they responded with “only one presider”. Sounds like a dodge.

I am certain that if any presider under the Bishop’s authority concelebrates that there will be a report in the weeks to come. I hope to check the Michigan Catholic on this.


Goodness, burning at the steak was so much easier. :smiley:

Isn’t anyone celebrating a public Mass within the diocese under the Bishop’s authority?

Doesn’t look like it.


The article you linked says otherwise.

Under church law, a local bishop has full authority over all liturgical celebrations in his diocese, and Vigneron emphasized that he has given no authorization for the closing Mass at the convention of the American Catholic Council.

Your premise is faulty. To wit:
"Vatican II brought needed reforms to the Church but it has not yet been fully implemented and there is a growing tendency among some to return to pre-Vatican II norms. Attendees believe that Vatican II holds solutions to the ills plaguing the Church today, including the exodus of millions of “cradle” Catholics.

I didn’t follow the link and maybe it would answer my question if I did…but what do you mean they want to go back to pre-VII? Based off of the bullets above it kind of sounds like they are trying to cater to both traditionalists and modernists. Did they always want to return to pre-VII or is it a recent thing?

If the Bishop is speaking out against them then why haven’t they been warned to stop their actions? I mean, they seem to be very active and dangerous…shouldn’t this be stopped?

They are not “modernists”. The Church is ALWAYS modern and up-to-date, because the Holy Spirit guides it and continually refreshes and renews it. What these people represent is liberal dissension, trying to force the Church to conform to their world-view and ideology.

People are free to peacefully gather all they want. What the Bishop has done is to warn the clergy to keep away, or face possible defrocking.

The Church has right to limit what his membership is doing, and excommunicate anyone (clergy, laity) who disobeys. This so called ‘American Catholic Council’ evolved from the already excommunicated Call to Action. The archbishop warned clergy and laity alike to the danger of schism.

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