American Catholics percieved as bigots


With all this talk of illegal immigration, Americans, Christians included–Catholics even–seem extraordinarily bigoted by not wanting these immigrants to come here. American Catholics have been too much associated with the conservative movement to realize that our faith teaches us to welcome the stranger, the immigrant, the refugee.


Great point!! :thumbsup:


They are VERY much welcome…if they come here LEGALLY. No one says they don’t want immigrants…I know I do…just not the illegal ones who have no business being here.:thumbsup:



Only to ppl with a small mind.


I don’t think this is quite true. CAF catholics aside, there are many catholic organizations working to help immigrants. Just this morning, my cardinal was on catholic radio talking about this. Don’t let this forum depress you, pro-immigrant catholics are plentiful and are very active.



A) This is a news forum…where’s your article.

B) According to your post, you must be a bigot…you are an American and you are a Christian, soon-to-be Catholic. I guess making a broad generalization is not such a good thing, eh?


Pretty much everyone here is pro-LEGAL immigration. Its the ILLEGAL immigration that is the problem.


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