American Couple Dies Tragically While Biking Through ISIS Territory Trying To

I’m so sorry about this. I read this story in the paper the other day.

I admire them for their faith in humanity. I really do, and I wish we had more of that around the world. Here at home, everywhere.

I think, just maybe, they might have made the world a little better, just a bit, by trying to make this trip.


Darwin Award


Unfortunately reality eventually catches up. This is true for all of us. But when you have really wrong notions like that the consequences are serious.

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Thank you for saying this.

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The error of relativistic thinking.


Really? These poor kids believed the best about all of humanity. Maybe we should all try that…

No! Jesus said be wise as serpents. We aren’t supposed to be fools.


These kids, actually young adults, not kids, did not practice the virtue of prudence. What they practiced was a dangerous form of naïveté.

ISIS killing thousands of people is well known. Why does this couple think they will be the exception and be welcomed with open arms?

Would you tell a loved one to give rides to any stranger on the street? After all it’s nice to think the best of everyone.

How about giving a stranger your bank information? Again, think the best of everyone.


Yeah, plus their mission was pointless. If they went to spread the Faith and were martyred then that would be something. Instead they went to spread the faith of secular humanism, which is a dangerous lie, as they found out.

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Didn’t St. Francis say something like “Preach the Gospel, and if necessary use words”?

I’m sorry, truly, about the death of these two kids (from my point of view), young adults, whatever.

I admire their spirit.

Supposedly he didn’t actually say it. But it is a good idea.

I admire their spirit too. But I don’t admire their reasoning.


How could they be so naive? Evil exists and we have seen it throughout world history.

I am sorry they were killed. They probably had bright futures with much to offer the world.

Did they think all the footage and reporting on ISIS was fake news?


This a a very charitable post.

Unfortunately, Austin and Geoghegan discovered first-hand that evil does exist in the world when they traveled through a terrorist hotbed.

The couple chose to bike through the Muslim country of Tajikistan with another group of cyclists. They met a gruesome fate when confronted by five members of ISIS.

On July 29th, a car driven by the ISIS members rammed the bikers. The men exited the van and began stabbing the bikers, killing Austin and Geoghegan, along with the other bikers.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in a video featuring the killers posing with an ISIS flag and pledging allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. According to the New York Times, the men vowed to kill the “disbelievers.”

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That’s true, of course.

But thank God for such naivete. Sometimes I think everything good that ever happened in the world was accomplished by someone who was naive enough to believe in the possibility of good and truth and love among all people.

Again, I admire (and envy) the spirit of these two.

Unfortunately, their spirit was cut short prematurely.

Were they not warned of the danger?

Where were the other cyclists from? They were all killed?

Biking around the world sounds like a wonderful and educational adventure, but as an American, there are many countries I would avoid.

I wonder how their families are dealing with this.

Yeah … right.

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