American Dad episode 12/13

Just curious–did anyone else watch this episode (the one where Stan and his family were late to church on Christmas and couldn’t find a seat)?

I would LOVE to discuss this episode with others who saw it. It was amazing. I’m not sure if I liked it or if I’m appalled by it!

It certainly made me think. It was far beyond what I would ever expect from a cartoon. It was a blend of an old Christian movie called A Thief in the Night, and Matrix and Terminator and Star Wars and A Canticle for Liebowitz and the Holocaust and the Left Behind series and the Bible–and that’s just scratching the surface! There were SOOO many other references in this one little episode. It was quite overwhelming.


reference to sugar hill gang, episode is ‘raptures delight’ you can watch it here:

lemme watch it and i’ll brb! :slight_smile:

eh, watched it, thought it was alright…but i didnt get all the references that you did so maybe thats why…

but i loooooove part where jesus shoots the demon ‘kneel before the Lord you punk’ he hee…

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