American Decency Association & Sports Illustrated & Chrysler ---- what sports are actually illustrated there?


I don’t look at SI, and especially the swim suit issue. So I had no idea that Chrysler has an ad in there with nearly naked women in a pick up truck.

I know - if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. But why in the world would any decent individual want to even come up with an ad like that in the first place? To sell cars/magazines? Is it really worth it?

What a sad sad world we live in.



*What’s sad, too, is that we can send our girls off to college, they can grow up to be amazing accomplished athletes, they can be outstanding moms, and wives, and pillars of the community…and smart, savvy and so on…but in the end, the average world view is that women are the sum total of their body parts, and that we (should) only find our ‘‘worth’’ in what men think of us without clothes on. :shrug: That is what is sad to me. *


Absolutely! It is all about objectification of women. Sad - the world looses out on so much by not appreciating women for their true gifts.




*I see it played out in my own life...take my dd for example. She is a pretty girl I think...she is 13...and the first thing out of people's mouths who haven't seen her for a while, is...'wow, she is sooo pretty!' Ok, fine. That is a nice compliment. But, with our son? It's ...''is he playing sports? How are his grades?'' (he is a good looking kid himself at 17 but that isn't the first thing people comment on) I purposely don't dwell on my dd's looks. My dh and I will compliment her on her hair, or something she is wearing...but we try not to focus on her looks, but instead focus on her musical talent, love for God, and helping her to find other interests. Don't get me wrong, I love to receive a compliment from my dh on how I look....but, he loves me for who I am as a person.

Women shouldn't be judged solely on looks...but our media makes it hard for us to not use this is the average gauge. Look at the pot shots made at Palin. Because she is attractive, people think she can't possibly be smart. Then, Hilary Clinton, not attractive, so people take her seriously. :cool: We can't win. :p I even see it amongst Catholic men. Nothing wrong with wanting a pretty wife, but you shouldn't make that the number one criteria so much so that you overlook bad qualities, or qualities that have importance. *


I know a woman, very close to our family, who has two stunningly beautiful daughters now in their early 20’s. Since they were little they were constantly bombarded with how beautiful they are - their appearance has dominated their lives, clothing, make up, you name it - the money they spend on these items would make some people sick.

These are intelligent, educated girls. But because of how they dress (constantly like they are on the runway), and present themselves (beauty first and foremost), they have both made some very very bad decisions when it comes to men. They are arm candy. And sadly the type of men who only care about that sort of thing don’t always have the best intentions. One of these girls is openly dating a married man, and the other is in a live-in relationship with a guy.

I truly believe that if their mother (single mom) had paid more attention to the “content of their character” and not so much their appearance, they would have the ability to make better decisions and not rely always and only on their looks. There is next to zero faith life there for them either.



I think its when dad neglects telling their daughters how beautiful they are is when they go searching for it somewhere else- like in magazines. The stronger the daddy/daughter relationship is, the more self-worth daughters will have because that instills in them God the Father’s love and dignity in them.


*Exactly. Nothing wrong with looking good...staying in shape...buying girly things ;) lol But when that is all you have going for yourself, it's not good. And the thing about the example you give, when they are say 60...and looks are fading, they will be scared out of their minds. They will have nothing else ''there.''

My sister, a very attractive woman...(we grew up in a family whereby adults talked about the importance of women being beautiful and dumbing themselves down for men :rolleyes:) but she is in her 50's now, looks younger yes...but still. No matter what she does, she's not going to be 30 again. She has a very hard time coping with that, because of how we were brought up--looks for a woman is her ticket in life, basically. She didn't go to college, she married right out of high school...nothing wrong with that, but I think if our parents had instilled other values in her like pursuing an education, etc..she would have not jumped into a marriage right out of high school. She is now divorced, and dates the worst kinds of men ....users, a married guy at one time, guys who want one thing, etc and on and on. She is obsessed with her looks, spending oodles of time in the gym...and buying the latest sexiest shoe or skirt. I love her, but it is just sad to watch. The imagery out in the media propels it. She basically says...''I'm competing with 30 yr olds.'' Um, if you are dating men in their 50's who are looking for someone who is 30 or under...that right there is part of your problem, I tell her. :blush: Becoming obsessed with one's appearance, can cause that person to be obsessive about others' appearances, too. She won't date someone 60...oh, he has wrinkles or this or that. Or a pot belly, bla bla...I work hard at staying in shape, I want a guy to do the same. Then, don't complain when you meet a shallow man. :cool: I don't know if that is a south florida thing (maybe) or just the signs of our times, as this article portrays.

Again, nice to be paid a compliment on looks, but as you say's the content of character that matters most. :thumbsup:*


*I agree. *


Do people still get these type of magazines in the mail? Everything you would want to read in the magazine is available for free online without all the sketchy ads.


[quote="agapewolf, post:6, topic:188443"]
I think its when dad neglects telling their daughters how beautiful they are is when they go searching for it somewhere else- like in magazines. The stronger the daddy/daughter relationship is, the more self-worth daughters will have because that instills in them God the Father's love and dignity in them.


Exactly - and the example I cited above, there was no father figure. It is very telling.



To give an honest answer, yes, it is VERY worth it. These companies know very well that throwing a beautiful, poorly-clad woman into an ad certainly does sell many, many products. Unfortunately, I strongly doubt that that will change.


This American Decency Association: can anyone join?


Actually I have for the past 6 months. I received an offer in the mail (I had never received, nor seen an SI magazine before) and their offer was too good to pass on. And it was practically for nothing, -I guess their polls tell them that once someone receives the magazine, they will re-subscribe.

They at least gave me the choice to not receive the Swim suit edition. Fortunately, I have only daughters (all sports-minded), and we actually just laugh at the ridiculousness of these ads, -and then proceed to enjoy ALL the articles. I am NOT renewing my subscription.


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