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I have found my calling in life. My calling is to be a mental health therapist and… a folk healer. My fiancé, when she comes to the States; will be opening a massage therapy business and I’ll be offering my services as a folk healer. Kind of like an albularyo ( A Philippine folk healer ) or a curandero.

As a folk healer, I’d be offering help in spiritual healing and bodily healing through herbs, massage, vitamins and praying over the sick. I won’t charge fees, though I’ll accept donations. I’d also offer help as a deliverance ministry and paranormal investigations, House blessings and House cleansings.

I draw the line at magic and fortune telling. In fact: part of my services would be to combat magic and demonic activity. Anything I can’t handle as a layman, I’ll refer the client to a priest or a doctor.

As a practicing Catholic, I’m hoping this would be an acceptable path. I was wondering what you all thought about this.


Lay people cannot give out blessings, and the other two would be for exorcists, not for the laity. A lay person has no business nor authority to cast out demons or exorcise.


According to the book “ Deliverance Prayers “, a book for the laity; Yes, I do not have the authority to cast out demons. All I can do is ask Jesus to do it and not address nor engage the demon directly. That’s what the book says, and it’s based on what the Church teaches.


Can you heal tinnitus? Lol. No seriously.

Have you spoken to a priest about your intentions, which sound good by the way, though I can’t help you with the technical aspects of how it gels with Catholicism?


I’m planning on talking with my parish priest about this and asking for his blessing.


That would be your very best thing to do. Father would be able to guide you in this pursuit.

In Louisiana we have “Treaters” who can heal certain illnesses or medical problems. They NEVER advertise their abilities. People are referred to them through word of mouth of those who know them. They NEVER accept any kind of payment. They will NOT allow you to thank them for the healing, if you try to they say don’t thank me THANK GOD. It is NOT something that they show off or publicize. They are VERY prayerful Catholics and they KNOW that only God gives them the abilities they have. The ability & prayers to do this is taught from male relative to female relative or female relative to male relative ONLY. No one can ask to be taught to heal. It can not be taught to a stranger. I had an uncle who was a treater. I’ve never been to one but many people I know have. They are becoming more difficult to find.


Hey, Cajun! How are you! Well, I’m basing the donations part on what Philippine albularyos and Pennsylvania Dutch Pow Wows do. As for the advertising, I don’t go out of my way to announce who I am and what I do.

But, I’ll have a placard in my fiancé’s business that summarizes my Practice by my office; which we plan on doing her business out of our home.


Using herbs correctly requires a great deal of knowledge and practical experience. Also, be aware that some herbs can cause problems in some people already on certain medications. Vitamins require a good working knowledge. Without knowing about a person’s body chemistry, I don’t think it’s a good idea to just give them out. That’s what Medical Doctors do.


Good point. That’s why I bought a home pharmacy guide that has those various interactions in it


I’m not a lawyer but I would be concerned about liability.


Deliverance prayers for laity are for private use, not public.


Sounds like you ought to be an apprentice yo an experiences shaman first.


The way I see it is: If I’m doing God’s Will, then He’ll cover me


As for the shaman part: I won’t apprentice to a pagan, but; I’ve been looking for a curandero to apprentice under


That is not good enough.

If this is something you really want to do, I recommend you either go to school and/or find a master to apprentice under. It’s one thing to experiment on yourself. It is quite another to represent yourself as an expert and endanger others. This isn’t ethical or advisable from a liability standpoint.


Another good point. Maybe I should centermy practice on healing prayers?


Sit down and speak with your Bishop or the Vicar for Clergy in your Diocese.

Not every book written is fully “kosher”.


Hmmm. Another good reason to talk with my priest


Why not go to nursing or medical school?


She will have to be licensed to work here. It’s a process and not automatic.

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