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What’s the process, Cajun?


My friend had to go to classes in an accredited school and once she took all of the classes she had to take the required test to be certified by our state. She moved to another state and had to get licensed in that state. She first worked in a place that was owned by another lady and she was one of the therapist that worked there. Now she has a table and goes to the people’s homes to do the massages. Each state may have their own requirements for what classes must be taken and what state licensing test must be passed.


I wonder if they use volunteer test subjects for a massage test or if the instructors are the subjects to know if it feels correct.


I’ll ask her and let y’all know. It’s been a few years since she became a therapist.


To the OP…

I would start to focus on holistic medicine and go from there…


As a Catholic religious who has worked in the Philippines, I can say with confidence that the Catholic Church in the Philippines has come out firmly opposed to albularyos and faith healers.

In addition, prescribing herbal remedies is very dangerous. The leading cause of liver failure in the Philippines is not alcoholic cirrhosis, but poisoning through herbal remedies prescribed by non-licensed healers, including albularyos.


You’ve given me a lot to think about, CRM. My basic intention is to live out what I believe what God calls me to do: To be a spiritual warrior/healer. What did the Church in the Philippines recommend to the laity there?


:thinking: I like this option. Is there an online way to study for St Kate’s program? I’d definitely be interested to know.


Read Mark 16: 17-1817 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.
There are ppl called by God into certain ministries. Teaching,exhorting, prophecizing, etc
Believe me, if confronted w a snake or a evil spirit involved w a child, THROUGH CHRIST, We can rise up w the Power, He gives us,and cast out evil.Thank You, Jesus.
I wasn’t going around doing exotic things here. My daughter brought a friend of hers to me speaking in the third person w guttural sounds. She had just tried to jump off a balcony. Something about hallucinating black crows. I’m a nurse. Some teens can be acting out & some things could be psychiatric, I didn’t have time to assess that. Trusting God working through me, I got my Bible, & quoted scripture. Mark 16, etc Recited prayers & more scripture. She broke away. Her friends had been holding her. We chased her down the street. They caught her. On my neighbors lawn w a few more scripture verses, she sighed, got quiet & opened up her eyes. She was back! I give all the credit to God. She was in counseling. Told her to tell her Dad.So be it!
Let it be done to her according to His Word.
Strange things happen w teens…
I did this to my 3 yo having a temper tantrum. It worked. That was funny. You’d have had to be there.
God bless us all, loving God & trying to serve Him


I answered a call for healing by being a nurse. There are energy healings available now. Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Touch & Reiki. The church has a stand on Reiki & it’s not approved. The NEW AGE MOVEMENT brought these around. In some Reiki, one particular, heavy meditation is done. A nurse friend was taking the course. In her meditation, she got to another dimension w some of her dead relatives.Some new ageers get SPIRIT GUIDES… Crossing the veil is not good.
Therapeutic Touch & Quantum Touch is just taught that your LOVE FOR PPL is your energy source. I’m communicating w God in prayer. I visualize Lazarus’s tomb scenario. Quoting “The Father is in me. I am in the Father. “ Asking them to help the pt. My ministry is pain relief. He doesn’t use me for healing. I’m living my life w/o blabbing. God shows me someone. I offer. Gods will be done!
Herbs are scary. One can take courses in herbal medicine I believe. I would encourage you to do that. It’s a mighty good pt that can drink those horrible teas. I read a lot of medieval History stories. I’d chose to die. Willow bark for ASA. Foxglove for rapid heart rates & weak hearts. It’s a poison! Belladonna, it’s a poison also.
How did you get interested in it. Seeing it & wanting tonhelp, doesn’t make it your calling from God.
Google Curry Blake. It’s interesting. When you find your gifts, have a priest mentor to work w you.
God bless.
Seek ye first, the kingdom of God & everything else will be added unto you.
Herbs—I checked w an oriental acupuncturist about something for a problem I had. She said,” The cost would be Four-Fifty”. I’m picturing $4.50. She laughed and said,”$450.00.”
I said, I’d keep my problem.
So, the cost of the herbs you buy will have a price. Just saying… .
There will be legal issues. Even for massage therapists.
God guide your path


Thank you tweedle. As for the calling; it wasn’t a one day, I was interested in it kind of thing. It was a sudden realization that I have a gift for prayer, especially healing prayer. I’ve always been interested in helping people. That’s what I want to do with my life is to help people.

As for the healing aspect: I was always good at healing prayer. God listens to me when I pray.

One example is how I prayed over my ex girlfriend for her fibromyalgia. I had her lay down and took out my Blessed rosary. I touched the crucifix to her head, throat, body and feet; based on the idea that Jesus’ power flows through a sacramental. Invoking God all the way. It worked.

At least for several days. I rack that up to that, as a non practicing Jew; she didn’t believe in Jesus’ healing power.


It is Church teaching that only priests can exorcise (technically bishops are the ordinary ministers for exorcising demons, but they can admit priests as exorcists to do so). We as lay people cannot exorcise. We can pray over here, but it is better to leave it to the people who have the authority to do so, both from the bishop (or the bishop himself) and due to their Holy Orders. Also, from Acts:

“19:13 Now some also of the Jewish exorcists, who went about, attempted to invoke over them that had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying: I conjure you by Jesus, whom Paul preacheth.
19:14 And there were certain men, seven sons of Sceva, a Jew, a chief priest, that did this.
19:15 But the wicked spirit, answering, said to them: Jesus I know: and Paul I know. But who are you?
19:16 And the man in whom the wicked spirit was, leaping upon them and mastering them both, prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.”


God listens to every prayer.


In place of the faith healers, the Church has advocated different programs revolving around prayer, various settings to be a ‘spiritual warrior’. Among these programs are healing prayer groups, usually under the patronage of St. Padre Pio, which take up specific health cases entrusted to them (usually of the sick of the parish or the town) and rigorously pray for their healing.

I personally know one doctor who is part of these prayer groups. When an infant was born dead and the time of death had already been called by another doctor, she along with one of the nurses continued the prayers of her prayer group over the child, begging for the intercession of St. Theresa of Calcutta. Twenty-five minutes after birth, the dead child was brought back to life through Mother Theresa’s intercession. The miracle is currently being officially documented.

These prayer groups are directly overseen by the Church, even when they pray over the ill person. Those prayers are never done personally; always within a group.

Also, the Philippine Church allows participation as a prayer warrior for the diocesan exorcist. The training and preparation is somewhat intense and it is on a person-to-person basis depending solely upon the decision of the exorcist. For many Philippine dioceses, the names of these exorcists are public record. In most other countries however, the identity of the diocesan exorcist is a secret. As such, status as a prayer warrior is also kept secret. Becoming a prayer warrior is linked to the alternatives to albularyos and faith healers because interaction with a faith healer is actually one of the most common causes for demonic obsession (physical or spiritual attack) or possession in the Philippines, second only to pagan and elementalist worship. I have personally come into contact with two cases of demonic obsession stemming from albularyos sessions.

God Bless,
Br. Ben, CRM


Okay. No.

If you haven’t been trained, you might hurt somebody.
If you hurt somebody you might get sued.
Or somebody could die.

Health care professionals carry malpractice insurance because even with training, lisencing, continuing education and experience, sometimes things go Horribly Wrong.


Thank you again, CRM. I don’t want others to suffer from my well intentioned attempts to deliver people.

That brings me to my first case in my Practice.

I’ve been trying to help a co worker heal and deliver her from a demon.

She’s a twenty something energy healer,; an unbaptized pagan who’s into Reiki and chakra healing. I offered to pray over her when she told me of her spiritual and physical ailments.

When I was planning out what Prayers to say over her, I became locked in battle with what I believe is a demon. Which led me to believe she’s the subject of demonic oppression.

I’ve been the subject before of such oppression, so my heart goes out to her and I want to help her. So, I’m planning to pray over her like I prayed over my ex girlfriend; saying deliverance prayers that ask Jesus to bind and cast away the demon and then say healing prayers over her.

She has no funds to see a doctor and she’s an unbaptized pagan, so I believe a priest might not help her. All I’m trying to do is to clear off the demon by invoking Jesus. Not addressing the demon, nor trying to suss out its name.

Any and all prayer, Mass and Rosary intentions are welcome.

Any advice?


I’ve been trying to help a coworker heal and deliver her from a demon

At this point you need to contact a local priest and forgo any advice from the internet…

You are delving into realms you have no business, and even with good intentions or naiveté you are in the enemies territory and you are not equipped to be…your gonna hurt yourself or someone else.

Good luck…and as we used to say on the street…let the professionals handle it…



I will definitely pray for both you and her.

As to the co-worker, I would recommend the case to a priest. If your parish priest doesn’t feel equipped to handle the case due to her religious leanings, I would contact the diocese to try to find someone to help her. You would be surprised at how many non-Catholics are recommended to the Catholic Church for deliverance from demons: Protestants, Jews, Atheists, Buddhists, Pagans, etc. It is almost universally recognized that the Catholic Church is the experts on demonology, no matter one’s faith. You never know, maybe the experience will prompt her conversion.

As to some specific suggestions:

  1. Invocation of Christ - In personal experience, the invocation of aspects of the Passion are very powerful in driving out demonic influence. “By the Cross of Christ, be driven out…” “With the Blood and Water of our Lord’s pierced Heart, be washed clean…” “O glorious Crown of Thorns of our Lord, gird her heart against the evil one…” etc. Always be mindful to never be the one invoking the action, such as: “In the name of Christ, I drive you out!/wash you clean!/gird your heart!” Only through the priestly ministry (or certain instances of the mystical authority of some saints) in conjunction with personal sanctity can demons be personally commanded. Even if someone only fulfills one of these two requirements, it almost never is successful (the only exemptions being those saints mentioned before).

  2. Invocation of St. Michael the Archangel: Do not only invoke St. Michael as warrior and protector against demons, but also as a healer. In the early Church, St. Michael was primarily invoked in times of healing (generally during plagues or epidemics). So too, is his invocation with regards to healing the troubled soul of it’s demonic influence.

  3. Bring her to witness a Mass: Demons cannot stand the consecration of the Eucharist. If it is a demonic obsession, there is a good chance it may flee in the presence of the consecration and she may experience a period of relief. If it is, in fact, a full-blown possession with physical manifestations, then there will most likely be a physical reaction: yelling, trembling, violent fits, etc. If this is the case, CONTACT A PRIEST IMMEDIATELY! If he doesn’t take the case seriously (believe it or not, even some priests don’t believe in demons) then contact the diocese for help and include your observations of the phenomena of possession in an objective manner. Sometimes possession lays dormant for long periods of time and only manifests itself sporadically. Many times the possessed person doesn’t realize that they are possessed.

If she balks at involving the Church, you can remind her that the service is totally free and the Church has had two thousand years of experience in these matters.

I’ll be praying!

God Bless,
Br. Ben, CRM


As a personal note, if you are in contact with a case of demonic obsession or possession, you most likely should make sure that you make regular confessions (weekly if possible) and receive the Eucharist regularly (daily if possible). The graces offered through these Sacraments help to shield us from the deception of the evil one and are a source of strength and resolution in the face of demonic challenge. Always try to be in a state of grace when addressing the demonic influence. The enemy can use any of our sins against us. It is better to approach the issue with a clean soul.

Indulgences, said for both yourself and for the victim, are also very good tools when fighting demonic influence.


SO MUCH MORE THE REASON for her to see a Priest. He’d be the one to deal with this or to recommend her to the right person who could help her.

Father Son Holy Spirit, Holy Mother Mary, All Holy Saints and Angels surround and protect from satan nd all his evil ways Michael16, his fiancé and the co worker he knows who needs help.

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be

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