American folk healing


You would be wise not to offer any "folk healing that involves “exorcism” in the diocese unless and until you are commissioned to do so by the Bishop. This is not likely to happen since it is delegated to the ordained.



Ugh. I’m not offering folk healing. Just deliverance and healing prayers. I understand that proper exorcisms are only done by priests authorized by the bishop.

As for terminology: I’ll use ministry for my healing/deliverance work


The posts are written. Cautions discussed. You’ve spoken to a priest & have his covering. The Lotd is w you, go forward & preach the Gospel & share your gift.


Please, speak to the Bishop’s office. You are toying with things that are only delegated by the Bishop


I think it’s great that you have a desire to help people who are in spiritual and/or psychological distress. We definitely need good Catholic therapists!

I think a lot will be made more clear to you as you study. I would encourage you to continue to pursue these studies, continue to keep in regular contact with your priest about these matters, and don’t get too far ahead of yourself by offering services you are not yet qualified to give.

If you do that, I think you’ll be in good shape.

Have you already decided on where you would like to study? There are some good places I could recommend.


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