American Girl: Just when you thought you'd seen it all!


Contained in the wrapper of my morning paper today (10/14) was a very polished booklet from American Girl with the cover that says “SAVE GIRLHOOD.” Get a load of the text inside:

**"The way we see it, girls are growing up too fast. From every angle, today’s girls are bombarded by influences pushing them toward womanhood at too early an age-at the expense of their innocence, their playfulness, their imagination. **

We’d like to change that.

Saving girlhood is what American Girl is all about.

Everything we do and everything we offer is designed to preserve the wonder of youth. To teach, to inspire, to challenge girls to dream. And thus, become more exceptional girls.

This all started when we realized that many products targeted to girls were designed to make them grow up faster. We don’t think that’s right. Not because we want girls to stay young forever, but because we want them to grow up properly. And that takes time…"

This pitch is then followed up with a coupon for a free book from AG that you can get by calling 800.580.9786.

I called and told them EXACTLY what I thought of their efforts to help girls “grow up properly” and that their association with Girls Inc. and the “I CAN” fundraising effort was incompatible with “preserving the wonders of youth.” The operator was very polite and listenend to my opinion. She offered the explanation that the monies raised for Girls, Inc. were specifically targeted to literacy-type programs. However, I told her that the philosophy of Girls, Inc., by including education on contraception and abortion to minors, was so contrary to the values that promote the best interests of girls that AG could not avoid the stain merely by directing its contribution. My comments were noted and my call was forwarded to a Customer Service operator who took my contact info.



I just called and was also put through to the customer service people. They will take our complaints more seriously if we are willing to give them our phone numbers and full names.


Do you care if we copy this original post and also add it to the other American Girl thread? It definitely falls under that thread too and will be nice for ppl to read it in that thread as well. That way we can all see it in one place



Maybe we can add the contact information. How about a poll to ask if you called or not.

Good to see you did not leave.


[quote=KathleenElsie]Maybe we can add the contact information. How about a poll to ask if you called or not.

Good to see you did not leave.

I’m trying to stick only to the American Girl, issue, and when it comes to fruition I will go completely. I don’t like to leave important things unfinished, so will post every time I get more information, and check back to see other member’s progress with the issue.


I would encourage you to post this wherever it will generate the most response. The wording of the latest “Save Girlhood” promotion would be comical if it weren’t so patently disingenuous as demonstrated by the contemporaneous running of the “I Can” campaign.


I just placed my call. I gave my name & address and said that I look forward to hearing that American Girl Doll has stopped their support of the I Can funding so I can resume purchasing their products. The Customer Serive rep (who was very nice) wanted me to know that the $ collected from American Girl Doll goes to fund literarcy, sports for girls, etc. etc. and I stated that despite the good things that the I Can program may do, the fact that they also push contraception education & support abortion goes directly against my religious beliefs which is why I will boycott American Girl Doll products.

She noted my comments & thanked me for my call.

OK… your turn! Make the call! 800-580-9786


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