American Greatness: Why Trump is Destined for an Historic 2020 Win

American Greatness: Why Trump is Destined for an Historic 2020 Win
by Conrad Black

QUOTE: Trump is not going to be running as an unsuccessful president as Carter did, or even as a marginally successful president as the Bushes and Obama did. He has delivered tax cuts and reform and great prosperity, as Reagan did, and he is the first president to deal seriously with illegal immigration and oil imports and nuclear proliferation to rogue states (Iran and North Korea), since those crises arose. He has refused to be stampeded by the eco-Marxists while doing nothing to backpedal on the environment itself, and has partially delivered on trade imbalances and will almost certainly reach a much improved trade arrangement with China.

Contrary to the assessments of Trump-haters who supposedly know something about the economy, such as Paul Krugman and the Economist magazine (which on the subject of Trump is as drivelingly hostile but not as amusing as Vanity Fair or the Daily Beast), this economy is not going to cool out appreciably in the next 18 months. As was mentioned here last week, the Democrats are going to pay heavily for the disgraceful Russian-collusion red herring.


Hopefully, Rush Limbaugh is right again! He and Mark Levin have great insight .


To that end The Republicans and we who appreciate this president,had better pray that after his next term is up someone with the same abilities steps up and takes the torch.Otherwise we are just kicking the can down the road because I don’t see any of the status quo republicans being able to win.

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Hopefully the next GOP president will have learned from Trump that they CAN fight back against fake news and that they don’t have to just accept it



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Me either @Jeanne_S
I have been so disappointed in the Republican party who have not backed President Trump.
Only 3 or 4 will come out and speak regularly
to condemn what the democrats are doing and have done.

And I don’t want to get too confident about
President Trump destined for a 2020 win
because the democrats will not cease their
goal to destroy President Trump anyway they
can. If you think they were angry he won in 2016, they will go ballistic if he wins again in
2020 after all they have done get rid of him.

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If only Francois-Marie Arouet had lived today…

Which ever way it goes, we’ll get through it together. Usually the pendulum swings big time every 8 years, but right now I truly believe it’s at a stand still with a moderate appeal. Biden is the only moderate that’s in the race even you include our current sitting Pres.

You are repeating a fallacy.

Trump’s policies are centrist, he’s the actual moderate after Obama’s hard left tilt…

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:rofl: Have a wonderful day Theo

Obviously you refuse to read my links,
or try justify Trump policies are hard right.

enjoy lala land.


Biden a moderate. Surely you jest.Hes pro abortion,actually officiated at a SS marriage,etc If that’s considered moderate we really are in trouble. Trump is far right next to Biden

Look. In all fairness its very difficult to know what his policies are, he’s learning on the job. Mistakes are made, and quickly recovered so as to have you believe he’s actually been “on it” the whole time. He takes no to little advice and then when his advisors prove to be right, he reverses.

I don’t have a clue what Trump is, he has no real ideologies he can call his own, other than what has been told to him to believe. He knows little to no history, and at one time bragged he knew more than the Generals about our middle east debacle.

Again, in all fairness to you and yours…I have no idea what he is, but it isn’t a moderate. He weighs in on nothing at all more than anything else.

edited: except for arguments on twitter and his open distaste for any media coverage that doesn’t favor him in the moment, I don’t even believe he’s that conservative. For years he fell on the left of most issues and supported democrats.

Meant no offense.

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It’s ok. Whether it is in 1 year or 5, the Trump era will end. Some will be glad it is over, and others can reminisce about the days of wine and roses. For most of us, our day to day lives aren’t dictated by who the President is.

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You are still deflecting, and obviously refusing to read my links which go into the policies.

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“Pray, hope, and don’t worry!” - Padre Pio reminds us how to win!


You would be surprised!

Indeed, there seems to be somewhat of a cult of personality around the man and he is presented a salvific figure at time in a curiously quasi-messianic style

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