American Horror Story - sexual scenes

I watched the first episode of AHS as my daughter knows I love horror films. I really enjoyed the story, but there were some scenes that were unsettling sexually. Being scrupulous, I keep thinking it was a sin to watch. As I enjoy the story, I don’t know what the other episodes contain. Are all the episodes graphic in the way episode 1 is?
If so, I’ll avoid the series (I couldn’t believe this was on TV, I went in not expecting it to be graphic).

I have seen almost all the episodes. I also really like horror films/shows. I had to step away from this one though… If puts too much temptation in my heart and mind so for me it is best to avoid the show all together.

Hi, Pete! I’m in Indy, too. :smiley:

To the OP -

I didn’t have a problem with the sexual scenes, but that doesn’t mean that some people won’t. If they cause temptation or you find them disturbing, I suggest you avoid this show. It does have a fairly strong sexual theme running through it though I don’t consider it graphic. Graphic is a subjective term. So, you might find it quite graphic.


I’ve watched the entire first season (I have a strong stomach), and if the first episode disturbed you, then you should definately avoid the rest. The sexual scenes continue and get much more… well, horrific. In particular there is a rape scene involving human/ghost, s&m, a unnatural pregnancy, and plenty of adultery.

Anyway, the show was meant to shock and it definately hits it’s mark on that. This show WILL unsettle you.

Mm, the producers were using infidelity as a theme and they didn’t pull any punches in showing the kind of damage it can do to people, even without evil spirits feeding off the kind of bad energy that infidelity generates. I found it intriguing that the nasty history of the house pretty much started when the mad doctor who built the house back in the 1920s started performing abortions in his basement. I’m stymied as to how they got that past the radar in Hollywood.

Personally, I’m quite find of my DVR fast forwarding button!! :wink:

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