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Anyone watching this? We're about to get into some Rosemary's Baby territory. Tonight's episode had some brief mention of the Roman Catholic church. I'm enjoying this series, despite myself, but the creator loves '70s horror films, like I do. Rosemary's Baby is my absolute favorite horror film (not quite '70s but almost). Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

I heard they haven't decided yet if the next season will have the Harmon family in that house or another family. I think it would be more interesting to have a different family.

You think they could have called it something better then "The Pope's Box" sheesh at least throw some cryptic latin in the name. I am curious to see were this all goes too.

The Red Wings were playing so I didn't watch it last night. I have it on the DVR though. I've enjoyed the series. Having a new family in the house next season would be interested. I'd be okay with the Harmon family if they can change up some of the story lines a bit.

This and Person of Interest are my two favorite new series this year: there's a certain audacity in AHS, since they dared to portray abortion (and sins of impurity) as at best a Very Bad Idea, and at worst, the root cause of why the house is possessed and part of the reason why people who live there keep getting killed in spectacular ways. I'm stymied at how they've been able to get away with that, without Planned Parenthood getting their thongs in a knot. Not sure if the creators are Catholic or were at least raised Catholic, but this made me wonder...

Oh gosh I love American Horror Story. I knew her baby would turn out to be the anti christ. :D

I certainly didn’t see the identity of the Rubber Man coming though!!! :eek:

Did I mention I really, really want to beat the psychiatrist husband?!?!?! What a jerk!!!

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I certainly didn't see the identity of the Rubber Man coming though!!! :eek:

Did I mention I really, really want to beat the psychiatrist husband?!?!?! What a jerk!!!


Yeah, I kinda feel bad for Vivien, not that she's exactly a saint herself, but geez, poor ga. I love what the actor who plays him had to say about his character, in one behind the scenes interview: "Ben needs therapy more than his patients do!"

I’m sorry to say I really enjoyed Ben getting beat up last night. :o

Holy cow! One more episode, guys!!

Anyone see this week's, "Birth?":eek:

I DVR the series so I'm always a few days behind. I just watched the episode from last week on Tuesday. I need to catch up. I want to talk about the show, but I'm so far behind what everyone else wants to discuss. :P

That's cool. That's why I didn't want to put any specific in; I hate spoilers!!!

When you get caught up, let's discuss!! :)

I'll likely watch it tonight. Then we can chat! :D

I love this show but I cannot watch it at night. Me + scary stuff = Nightmares. So I watch it the next day when the sun is out. :D

I love this show. I hope it will have a second season. The storytelling is some of the best on TV.

Great show. Jessica Lange just steals every scene she's in, such a pro.

POSSIBLE SPOILERS ********************

I love the show's circuitous storytelling and the acting has been top notch...BUT, I'm concerned with two things, both talked about by the psychic:

  1. The House being a point of potential break through of evil due to electromagnetism...this sounds much too like the Island on Lost and I really hope it doesn't turn out that the House is like a purgatory or some mid-point between Heaven & Hell and everybody's already dead (which, it seems, they all are except Constance!).

  2. The anti-Christ potential story line. From the Pope's secret box to the devil's desire for his own "immaculate conception" (wrong term but it is Hollywood so I'll give them a pass...), this seems clumsy and heavy handed. I'd rather have a good ol' haunted house.

Zachary Quinto has been great too. High quality thoughtful opposed to the usual trash on network TV.

I love this show. I can't wait until the finale tomorrow. I hope they back off the antichrist end of the world thing. between this and dexter my dvr is getting foreboding. I


Wow! :eek:

[quote="SurlyMermaid, post:17, topic:264637"]

Wow! :eek:


Shoot! I meant to watch it last night. I'll check out the DVR this afternoon. :D

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