'American Idol' Ratings Plummet: Have Singing Shows Run Their Course?




We can only hope so.



These shows are a throwback to a more innocent time!

I can remember watching Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour when I was a little girl. My mother loved Leslie Uggams!

Singing shows are a lot more uplifting than those awful cop shows and shows about forensics and gruesome deaths, or those stupid sitcoms. So many of these shows are just excuses to show anti-Christian propaganda about various social and political issues.

My husband likes those thriller series like Agents of Shield and Heroes. He was a huge Lost Fan. And up until lately, he has been a Gleek, but now that the show has abandoned the school and moved to NYC, he doesn’t care for it.

Anyway, I think singing shows and talent shows in general are a better bet than a lot of television.


The problem with American Idol, IMHO, is that singing is not necessary the major concern for the show. A few years ago someone woman won who was obviously the worst singer of the finalists, but was the best looking. I worked with local singers that could easily blow her socks off. After that, I turned of the show and never watched it again.

The Voice is a far better show. The emphasis is definitely on singing; not looks. Even still, it’s possible that the public is just getting tired of this type of show and their spin-offs; everything runs in cycles.


It’s also a product placement haven. 577 placements in 39 episode in 2011? Is the show about singing talent or hawking products? (BTW, for several years, AI was one of the highest rated shows among 2-11 year-olds. The associated question, then, is whether the show is about singing talent or hawking products to children.)



American Idol has been a farce for a long time. In many seasons, the runner up or other contestants wind up with more successful music careers than the winners. Then of course there’s the fact that, years ago, people started voting en masse to keep the worst contestants in the competition as a practical joke. Then you just have bad calls from judges which prove that a sob story and cute face outweigh a dime-a-dozen voice. Honestly, I’m surprised this show has lasted as long as it has. :shrug:


They are a victim of overreach You have a gaggle of performers who for whatever reason were not able to build nothing more than a local following and throw them out to the nation. Then the kicker comes in, because you are not paying a professional performer wage, just amateur wages the show comes cheap. So in a world where the TV shows getting all the critical acclaim with the finest writers and performers have broken down to only 12 hours a year the amateur hour is throwing us three hours a week and no sooner then we have crowned the greatest singer ever there are two more shows with a slight format change starting their season premiere in their search for the greatest singer ever.

After 10 years of this somehow the music industry has continued to produced more stars per year. Folks who never made a national talent contest and the winner of greatest singer ever save about four of them has a minor hit off of that first post show album and then are back to lower level work, the resort performer or local musical theatre. Like everything else the cycle has run its course, the format needs a rest


The Voice is doing very well, in fact, it won an Emmy for best reality show series last year (beating out The Amazing Race, which had won multiple times).




Um, do any CAF members miss the days when the Big Three regularly aired made-for-TV movies based on real-life crimes? I’ve never been a big fan of American Idol myself. However, I can’t say I didn’t like the episode that Judas Priest appeared in.


Maybe Shark Attack will be next, after Mark Cuban et al run out of money and/or time helping junk products come to market. That said, I’m still hooked on it.


I’ve never really been a big fan of American Idol before. I know part of the reason is my scrupulosity. To put it simply, I didn’t like the name of the show because it seemed to me like they were idolizing the singers. But then again, that’s a pretty stupid reason for me to not like the show. But that was my reason several years ago and that’s why I quit watching it. :o

There is also the fact that I have a really short attention span and I find it hard to pay attention to an entire show for 30 minutes or an hour. Movies are even more difficult for me unless I am very interested in it. When I was growing up, I had severe ADHD and that’s part of the reason for my short attention span. I’m no longer officially diagnosed but I definitely still have problems with my attention span and concentration.


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