American Idol reflective of society

I don’t normally watch American Idol but morbid curiosity got the better of me…

There are some realy bad singers getting highlighted and I am sure they are only making it on the air because they were so bad and part of the marketing of the show is the judges commenting on the bad singers. But what is amazing is the reaction of the comments of some of the worse candidates who are in complete denial over their lack of singing ability. I can see some people being upset that there dreams were crushed but when they argue with the judges or accuse the judges of having some alterior motive. It is very reminiscent of many people who get turned down for jobs or get fired for poor performance and just can’t come to grips with the possibility that it is a lack of ability on their part and not a conspiracy against them.

It is painful to watch at times. I hope the participants (some are children) truly have a good laugh at themselves. Otherwise, it’s just feeding the lions. Perhaps delusional combined with a statement “family and friends tell me I’m good!”? Of course, if they are delusional, then the words about the family and friends may be delusional also. Not an excuse to put them on TV, though. It’s a mess.

I assume the people they show performing sign a waiver before the train wreck and approve the train wreck afterwards.

Hopefully, no one creates a program called “American Skydiver”. :eek:

No disrespect but what do you expect from an secular over sensationalized fan based Reality Television Program. Then again I couldn’t waste the effort to watch American Idol or the Canada’s version “Canadian Idol” or the original reality television series that started it all in the U.K. owned and run by multi-millionaire Simon Cowell. (“The X Factor”).

Maybe I’m missing something but what does this topic have to do with Social Justice other than the mindset of people being led astray on glorified secular entertainment?

I don’t watch American Idol but I’ve seen the commercials.

The number of women imitating Aretha Frankin’s awful rendition of the national anthem just makes me want to blow my chunks.

The complete lack of perspective about ones abilities. In both cases, individuals fail to see the lack of ability as it relates to specific desired jobs and blame the lack of their success on others and not themselves or their incompatability with the desired occupation.

I agree completely; furthermore, the obsession with celebrity and popularity in modern America is reflected in American Idol. So long as someone entertains you, they must be worthy, especially if lots of other people also support that person. Quality doesn’t matter, only titillation.

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