American Idol Winner Scotty or Lauren?

For those who watch American Idol, Who Ya Got. I’m a huge Country music fan so i like them both by I’m a Scotty fan

I love Scotty–so wholesome and genuine, and such a rich, resonant traditional country voice. I feel like Johnny Cash has come back to life again, only he’s young again, just like he was when I was a little girl. It’s interesting to see how many little girls and young teens are in love with Scotty–he’s the perfect boyfriend! I just love him to pieces, and hope he wins.

But I like Lauren and I honestly think she’ll win. I’ve thought from the very beginning that she would win.

Either way, I think both of these young singers will be treated well by Nashville and the country music artists, studios, and especially the fans, and I think they will both have long, good careers in country music. Country music seems to be kinder to teenagers than rock or pop. In pop, all too often the young stars disappear once they grow up, and in rock, there just doesn’t seem to be room for young people. Even Adam Lambert hasn’t sold a million records yet.

But country seems to embrace its young stars (e.g., Tanya Tucker, LeAnn Rimes), and sticks by them while they grow up, and then continues to embrace them as they grow older.

I hope that Scotty gets into acting when he gets a little older. I think he would be a great actor, with that mobile face and expressive eyes. Perhaps he could help bring “the western” back to television. I would love to see something besides re-runs of Bonanza and Gunsmoke!

I know a lot of people think Pia should have won, but no way. She had terrible pitch problems. I cringed whenever she sang because she was always under her high notes–shudder. She’s beautiful, but not much of a singer. Of course, she can still have a pop career because the studio can fix almost any voice and make it sound better than it is.

They’re both adorable and amazingly talented, but I think that - as young girls do most of the voting - Scotty will win. I think he will have a long, successful country music career, if he’s smart. Same with Lauren.

Just glad James is gone…I think it had started to go to his head.

I know a lot of people think Pia should have won, but no way. She had terrible pitch problems. I cringed whenever she sang because she was always under her high notes–shudder. She’s beautiful, but not much of a singer. Of course, she can still have a pop career because the studio can fix almost any voice and make it sound better than it is.

I agreed with you until this part. I think Pia was a great singer as well as beautiful. I believe that she should have at least gone further than she did. The problem I have with Scotty and Lauren is that they ARE country singers. Carrie Underwood (who is a wonderfully talented singer) has that market covered. Honestly, while they are both extremely talented, being that they are in the country music genre means they will probably have success along the lines of Kellie Pickler…I think there were a few competitors this year who were better, but these two do have alot of talent…

For the record: there’s no such thing as “pitchy.” It’s a word Randy made up. :smiley: That said, though I’m still on Team Pia… I am pleasantly surprised at how Scotty has made country fans out of generally non-country fans like me, and that hasn’t ever happened on American Idol. I felt almost embarrassed for Lauren… whereas Scotty looks more professional and like he could have come from Nashville, Lauren looks like a little girl playing “dress up” - I’m not even a parent, but I felt really uncomfortable with her performance knowing little girls around the country will want to wear makeup and stilettos because of her. Scotty’s more heartland America.

Whether or not “pitchy” is a word doesn’t matter. The fact is, Pia couldn’t sing on pitch. She was always under her notes and it was painful to listen to. That’s really really bad for a singer. It may be that with some vocal training she will be able to overcome this problem and sing live. Or it may be that the record companies will give her a contract because she is so hot, and tell their producers to “fix” her voice in the studio. They can do a lot of tricks while recording someone. Of course, it isn’t that person’s voice anymore, but when the person is as hot as Pia, no one’s listening to the voice.

I think that Lauren will receive a major makeover once she finishes this competition. She doesn’t seem to have a sense of which fashions and hairstyles make her look good, and so she comes across as you say, “playing dress up.” That’s an excellent description.

She wears everything from leather-like trailer-trash to fairy-princess dresses. Plus, she seems to be very soft, flabby, and out of shape; during the week when the the final three competed, she was so breathless that she couldn’t hold a note–I honestly thought she would lose to Hayley after those awful breathy performances. She sounded sick, or perhaps like she was having allergy issues. But I think it was just the results of being out-of-shape and laced into outfits that are too tight for her.

Meanwhile, Scotty keeps dressing his long, lean body in perfectly-fitting jeans and slim western-wear shirts, and occasionally in a pair of dress slacks and a shirt/tie. He looks like he’s going to church! Very easy to look at, and IMO, very age-appropriate! He seems so comfortable in his own skin, and Lauren does not. She needs to get a makeover and learn to project who she really is.

And I think that Lauren is capable of singing crossover country and pop music, and will probably record this kind of music, while Scotty is pure country/western. I can’t imagine Scotty on the pop scene; instead, I see him wooing people over to country, as Ronnie Millsap and Kenny Rogers used to do.

But I think that Lauren, like Taylor Swift, will move back and forth between the two genres of music, and probably settle on whichever one sells more records for her. She has a great voice–once she gets in better physical condition and matures physically, she will be an incredible singer. Her instrument is amazing.

Of the two that are left, I want Scotty to win. I still think Scotty should have placed 5th after James, Haley and Casey.

Scotty! Love his wholesome-ness, awesome singing voice.

Scotty! Love his wholesome-ness, awesome singing voice. .

Scotty! Awesome singing voice. I can not vote, please vote for him on my behalf if it is free.

American Idol’s still on? Geez, I haven’t watched that since season one when I was something like 10 or 11 years old

Yes, it’s still on and it’s consistently ranked #1 in the ratings. This week, for the first time ever, it slipped to #2 because more people watched the Dancing with the Stars finale. But it still attracts a gigantic audience.

My husband and I are 54, and we have both enjoyed this season on American Idol. (We didn’t watch last season at all.) All of the Top Thirteen had talent, and all were very different in how they used that talent. My top two favorites are up for the win tonight, so I’m particularly excited about how the season turned out.

its scotty

wish it was someone else.

American Idol…what a strange name - however, I am pleased that Scotty won as he is a wholesome young man with good Christian values. He won’t lose his head and become an overinflated caricature ofa talented performer. He thanked God for bringing him to this point first and foremost. I also got a giggle out of his reaction to “Lady” Gaga. He kissed his cross and said “Lord, it’s not of my doing”. He tried to be a good sport but he was practically cringing with her remarks which were uncalled for to a minor child. I wonder why they are pushing so hard for younger and younger contestants.

Haley was my favorite … I would listen to hear on the radio. I thought she was more interesting than the other two.

Scotty is really good too, but he sounds like lots of country singers. I’m very happy that the first thing he did was give thanks to God. Good guy for sure. :thumbsup:

Actually, he doesn’t. The tenors are ruling in today’s country (Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, etc.) Scotty’s deep bass voice is a throwback to an earlier time of “country gentleman” (e.g., Jim Reeves, Jimmy Dean before Sausage) and/or country outlaws (Johnny Cash before June and Jesus).

I’m wondering if Scotty and Lauren are dating! This is marketing genius–more bang for the bucks! I keep thinking of great country male/female teams like Porter Waggoner and Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty, and of course, the amazing George Jones and Tammy Wynette. This is great strategy, especially if Scotty and Lauren continue to date and get married. Country Prince and Princess could someday become King and Queen of Nashville.

Ah, they’ll probably break up in a few months like most teenagers. But my husband and I started dating as teenagers and 32 years later, we’re still together (married)!


I am happy that America Idol was won by Scotty, he seems like a good kid with a great country voice.

I must admit that I thought Haley was the most interesting and talented contestant since Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. I predict she will be a huge star.

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