American Idol

Did anybody notice last night on Idol Katy “I kissed a girl” Perry had to show up dressed in a slut uniform and immodestly gyrate in front of 30 million child viewers. I can’t tell you how damn sick I am of the filth mongers in Hollywood.

Did anyone notice that Danny Gokey, a Christian youth minister, made it all the way to 3rd place, and at least one of the judges was crying when he exited the show, and that his song, “You Are So Beautiful” was truly lovely, and that Pastor Gokey will probably end up with a good solid singing career that will give him the opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ with millions of fans and who knows how many Hollywood entertainment professionals? God has truly been good to Pastor Gokey–his young wife died too young, but God has given him an opportunity that not too many Christians get–the opportunity to be salt and light in the very dark world of entertainment.

Ignore the filth. There are plenty of precious gemstones buried in that garbage pile–dig them out and hold them up and enjoy them.

yeah just shut your eyes and ignore the elephant in the living room, pathetic wimps, Americanus Stupidus.

I guess we were fortunate that we forgot Idol was on until the last 10-15 minutes, so we missed Perry! I am a Danny Gokey fan. I thought his performance last night was even more beautiful than the previous night. I love what you said, that he has been given an opportunity to be salt & light in the very dark world of entertainment.:thumbsup:

If you hate it so much, why were you watching? :rolleyes:


it was so rauncy I had to avert my eyes and totally unnecessary.

Kris Allen is also a devout Christian. He’s a praise & worship leader and has done missionary work around the world. :slight_smile: Here are some videos of him singing Christian songs:

I’ve been rooting for Kris since the semi-finals, so I am glad that he advanced into the finale. :slight_smile:

I wondered about that. Thanks for posting.

I wonder what it was like for all of the contestants to live in that house with these two Christians (and possibly there were others. Lil, perhaps?)

However, my husband and I are fanatical Adam Lambert fans and we hope he wins!

I started off liking Adam, but Gokey and Kris seem like the would be such better role models, I wanted them to be in the finals. I have gotten to the point where I can barely stand Adam, especially when he does his tongue thing. About the scantily dressed girl, I too think the performance was distasteful and plain ridiculous (and we too decided to talk and stuff and ignore that part until it was over).

You still did not answer my question. If you are so sick of the filth mongers in Hollywood, why are you watching the program? What did you expect, sweet little children in choir robes? :rolleyes: This show has been on for ages now, and it’s packed with Hollywood stars, and everyone knows the reputation of the show for not being perfectly snowy white.

I just don’t understand why someone would willingly watch something they must know they will probably be offended by, then come here and complain about it.


If you don’t like it - DON’T WATCH! Very simple.


Adam started out as my favorite, but as the show went on, he just seems to sound the same every night. A few weeks ago, Kris moved into the top spot due to the risks and originality he’s shown. My ideal finally would have been Kris and Allyson.

Liza, are you and I the only two people on CAF who know how to turn a TV off?

LOL, Katy Perry is and/or was a Christian artist too. :rotfl:

Baptized a born again Christian, Perry was incorporated to her parents’ ministry, and she started singing in their church from age nine to sixteen.She grew up listening to gospel music and was not allowed to listen what her mother called secular music. Perry attended Christian schools and camps.

At age 15, Perry’s singing in church attracted the attention of rock veterans from Nashville, Tennessee, who brought her there to polish her writing skills. In Nashville, Perry started recording demos and was taught by country music veterans on how to craft songs and play guitar. Perry signed to the Christian music label Red Hill, under which she recorded her first album at age 15. Using her real name, Katy Hudson, she released the self-titled Gospel-rock album in 2001.

Did anyone notice the rosary beads Adam was wearing? If so did you notice the crucifix was missing? :shrug:

Great voice but too theatrical for my taste. :hypno: I could not watch him sing, unless he was doing a ballad. That said, I think he’d be great on Broadway & feel that’s where he’ll end up whether he wins or not.

Our personal fav was Alison :thumbsup::tissues:

And as for the OP, how about Kanye West’s performance with his pants hanging below his butt?

Whatever the outcome, Danny, Kris, Alison, & Adam will have great futures IMHO.

I haven’t really been watching. Is Adam that over-the-top guy who sang to the American Idol logo on the floor while the judges laughed? or is that someone else?

I’m sorry, I stopped watching when Bikini Girl was eliminated, hahaha.

I’m beginning to wonder!!! :rolleyes:


I liked Kris from Day 1 and hope he wins. He is so talented and has the whole good boy / role model going on. Adam is outstanding, but Kris is more relevant, more current in his music.

As an adult, I don’t have problems watching secular shows here and there; as long as they are not overly offensive, I’m fine with them. I am not that sure about children, but that is why we have the pause button on the remote or the FFW on the DVR/TiVo.

If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it!
:heaven: :harp:

So? It’s a tv show, I for one liked it.

Speaking of AI, go ADAM!!! He’s so amazing and a good role model.

He is great at performing, but I have to disagree with you regarding being a good model. He is not. Jesus is a role model, the saints are too. Adam is a talented man advocating a lifestyle of sin. Role models are examples of a good, holy life, and we have plenty examples in the Church, sinners as many of us (including Adam) that opened their eyes, repented and offered their lives to God. We, as sinners, need to look up to real examples of good human beings, those that make us better people and take us closer to God, not to sin.

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