American Idol

He’s very active in charity, very nice in public, and encourages people to respect all, no matter what their differences are. Maybe he’s not as good as a role model as let’s say the Pope, or a good priest is, but he’s a decent one imo.

Ugh I feel like the only Christian out there who can not tolerate Kris Allen! He’s been one of my least favorites from day one haha. He’s so bland.

This Catholic is voting for Adam!

And as for Adam “advocating” a lifestyle of sin, I have to disagree there. Adam does not get up on stage and advocate being gay. He’s not telling kids to be gay or to accept gays or to support gay marriage. He’s never even mentioned his sexuality.

If anything Danny was advocating evangelical prosperity Gospel theology. That is not a good Catholic role model.

I could care less about Adam’s sexuality, I’ve just never been a fan of his singing. He screams almost every song and is over-theatrical. I think he belongs on Broadway, but I can’t imagine myself ever listening to his music on the radio.

I can understand why people like/dislike Adam and why people like/dislike Kris. My dad is an Adam Lambert fan, my mom is a Danny Gokey fan, and my brothers and I are Kris Allen fans. :smiley: It’s all a matter of what people look for in a music artist. I like music artists for their creativity, artistry, and overall talent- not just for having a powerful voice. Kris Allen plays the guitar, piano, ukulele, violin and viola, and has written his own music (look up “Kris Allen Wastin’ Time”, “Kris Allen Beautiful Moon”, and “Kris Allen Brand New Shoes” on Youtube). He reminds me a lot of Jason Mraz. :slight_smile:

I hope Kris wins. First off, I prefer the type of music he sings WAAAAAAAAAY over that screamy stuff Adam does. Also, I think we need more wholesome role models for our youth. I saw the pictures of Adam with his toungue in another man’s mouth and I was soooooo grossed out. Of course he isn’t going to advertize his sexuality during the contest - he’s not stupid. But obviously he’s not “shy” about it either and once the contest is over, I’m betting it will come out for all to see. No thanks.

GO KRIS!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

My husband and I are two more Christians who don’t care for Kris, either. Last night, he sounded like he was drunk during the last song. Couldn’t understand any of the words in any of the songs he did. Eechh.

Go Adam!

So it’s Kris! :thumbsup:

I was suprised - thought for sure it would be Adam, mostly because the judges kept saying it would be Adam. But Kris pulled it off… and when I thought about it, it made sense because Kris probably got Danny’s votes?

At any rate, I’m happy it’s Kris and I can’t wait for his first release! :thumbsup:

My husband and I are bummed. What a letdown.

We think Adam will have the bigger career, though, and that’s a comfort.

I would rather have seen Danny or Allison win than Kris.

Oh, well.

Ditto. :thumbsup:

I agree 100% with you, and I think judging by the looks on the faces of the American Idol Judges, they feel the same way.

Kris is boring, and I think he will fade away. Adam will have a bigger career his vocal range is unbelievable.

I can’t wait for Kris’s first album. I am so happy that he won. He is a true idol. Way to go Kris.

The thing with American Idol is, once it gets down to the final 2, it almost doesn’t matter who wins. Either can still have a big career if they play their cards right. Just look at Clay Aiken.

And this way, Adam is not limited by nearly as many contractual obligations with AI. :wink:

No - Adam Lambert is the one who always seemed to dress in black, has black hair and wears “guyliner” (eyeliner). The one you are thinking of did not even make it to the top 13. He is Nick Mitchell - AKA “Normund Gentle”. He was in the top 36 and made it to Hollywood.

He did perform last night and was HILARIOUS!

BTW: Bikini Girl was there last night, too. She got totally shot down by Judge Kara!! :eek: :thumbsup:

I loved Kris and am happy he won. I like Adam, but every song is the same! Kris has versatility and I really enjoyed his duet with country star, Keith Urban. I would like to see Kris move into the easy-country music arena - I think he would be great.

ANyway - it was a really entertaining competition. I just wish Danny Gokey had been in the finals…:wink: Hubby wanted Alyson in the finals with Danny.

Did anyone else who watched last night think that Rod Stewart seemed a big…um…ready to retire?

I felt sorry for him–I recognized the way he stumble-walks and doesn’t seem to be quite balanced at time. I do the same thing because of a bad knee. I’m wondering if he has had knee replacement.

One of the reasons we wanted Adam to win is that it seems we haven’t had a true “glam rock” star in a looooong time. All the glam rockers are our age now, and it’s kind of sad.

Yes, Cat – I agree with you about Rod Stewart. It was embarrassing and sad to watch. And they announced he is ON TOUR this summer! Oh my…

Well, I agree about the Glam Rockers. I love Glam Rock — wasn’t it great to see Queen last night? I miss that genre. Maybe Adam will kick off a new Glam Movement! :thumbsup:

What DD & I thought at the same time was that Rod Stewart appeared to be drunk. From the slurred words at the beginning & the stumbling, not to mention his eyes…he looked pretty buzzed to us. When your voice is shot, it’s time to retire. His loved ones need to have a serious sit-down with him. Whatever he was on last night, didn’t help.

Cat ~ Totally agree about Rod. I felt a mixture of pity and embarassment for him. My friend also thought he seemed drunk? Not sure about that, but I do think his voice is not even close to where it used to be.

I agree. My family was disappointed that Adam didn’t win. He was always consistently good and raised the bar for the rest of the contestants. When Adam performed, I would stop what I was doing and watch the TV. I would not do this with any of the other contestants. While Kris seems like a nice guy, he is not a very memorable singer in my book. Danny would have been a better choice

Bikini Girl was brilliant, as always. :smiley:

I heard Adam’s arrangement of that finale song. I like it. Doesn’t really matter who won the show…the “winner” is just a formality as they both get record deals.

If Rod Steward was drunk, shame on him, and ignore this whole thread.

OTOH, I’ve re-thought my initial reaction to his performance. If he was just “old,” like many of us, then shame on me for criticizing him.

Just because he’s older doesn’t mean he has to sit down in a rocking chair and never sing or dance again. He did look like he was having a lot of fun, and he probably loved having an opportunity to be an inspiration and possible mentor to younger singers. I’m sure he’s as frustrated as I am that his knees don’t bend the way they did when he was young, and that his voice gives out at times. Growing old is a female dog, if you know what I mean.

Also, he has every right to try to make more money with his singing as long as people are willing to pay for the albums and attend his concerts.

It’s possible that if he’s on meds for pain (osteo of the knees?), his particular prescription might make him a little off-kilter. At least one of my meds says, “Do not drive after taking.”

Old rockers–sad. But again, why should they stop doing what they love as long as people are willing to listen?

BUT…it just emphasizes the need for new, young, strong, fresh, full-voiced rockers, like ADAM!

When I was home sick yesterday, I read a lot of blogs and articles about the Kris vs. Adam thing, and I think it’s fascinating that American Idol turned into a “Christians vs. Homosexuals” thing in the last few weeks.

First of all, I’m a little ticked-off. So many Christians, Catholic and Protestant, have nothing good to say about television and especially reality shows. I’m wondering why they didn’t just mind their own business. This competition had nothing to do with morals or the homosexual issues–it’s a singing competition.

IMO as a musician, Kris is nowhere near the musician that Adam is. Kris is a good pop singer who sounds like a thousand other pop singers, except that Kris doesn’t articulate his words and it’s hard to understand what he says. In any Protestant church, there are dozens of young men who sing as well or better than Kris, and who play instruments, too, and write songs, and go overseas and build orphanages. Why did Christians choose this particular venue to turn it into an “Us vs. Them” contest? Like I said, I’m a little ticked over the last-minute intervention of Christians in a contest that ordinarily, they would condemn as “banal,” “worldly,” “materialistic,” etc.

Secondly, I personally think that Christians are still stinging from the loss of the “Christian candidate,” John McCain to the “Non-Christian candidate,” Barack Obama. So Christians decided that this time, by golly!–we shall not be conquered! So they voted for the “Christian” instead of the “homosexual,” (never mind about the singing ability), and this is making them all feel better about the Obama win. Hey, ya’ll, we may have lost the White House, but wowee wow, God helped us to win American Idol!

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