American Intolerance for Australian Christian Party Leader



Fred Nile’s a good bloke. Unbelievable he could be deemed a ‘security threat’.

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When I saw that the subject is the Rev Fred Nile I was astonished.

He is just a lifelong social conservative, who is constantly being mis-represented by our left as a radical and bully, and a “hater”.

If I were an American I would be concerned about this what this means for free speech in my country. Hopefully it’s just something to do with the Obama administration.

The election of Donald Trump has been very popular with our conservatives. Not because we agree with everything he says (not many people do!) but because we are sick of, and generally fearful of, the increasing demands of “Political Correctness”. This story exemplifies our fears.




For risk of getting another infraction thingy,

I’ll just say,Why ?

Really ?


Apparently because this 82 year old Australian politician and his wife were a security risk to America. No other details were given.

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