American Inventor Greg Chavez

Did anyone watch this show over the summer? The winner was from CA and has 6 children and spoke so humbly throughout the show. He never seemed to be focused on himself, and I would swear he was a devoted Catholic from the way he spoke (not that you have to be Catholic to be good) and I’m curious if anyone saw and thought the same.
What a great guy and I’m so glad he won over the bra! As if we need more hanging out in society.
I did like the race car guy though, and wished there could be two winners.

Was that the firefighter?

He struck me as a big ole’ teddy bear. He really did seem to have his priorities set right.

I saw the episode where they narrowed it down to 3, but not where they announced any winner.

I was impressed by this guy too and voted for him. He seemed
like a good man and very sincere. :slight_smile:

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