American Man Goes to China for Adult Stem Cell Treatment

In what seems to be a continuing trend, Americans are seeking out stem cell research and treatment using Adult Stem Cells abroad because it isn’t available in the United States. Chuck Melton, of Hoyleton, Illinois was the latest to leave the United States in search of the stem cell treatment that would improve his quality of life.
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I think this is absolutely wonderful. Wish those clammering for
funds for escr would just see the wonderful treatments already
available with ascr and here in this country. Other countries are
also doing great things with ascr.

Yes, agreed. It is my dream that Adult Stem Cells be made available in the United States so that people like this gentleman don’t have to go all the way to China for adult stem cell treatment- treatment that is very safe and has no side effects and no ethical issues.

A lot of the Adult Stem Cell research is done- our FDA is just so slow to make it available to the sick patients who need it now.

Here’s how we publicize this: show how the treatment is already being done in China and use it as incentive to get the gov’t to act on adult (not embryonic) stem cells. Use the terms “loss of market share” and “lost tax revenue” to get ‘em goin’ (I’m a business student, I’d know :thumbsup: )

If I had the money and it was available in the US, I’d still consider going to China just for the sake of a vacation. Get the treatment, then go romping around Shanghi, Beijing, or Hong Kong :thumbsup:

For as long as I can remember, which goes back to the1960s, Americans have been going to foreign countries to get medical treatments which are unapproved in the US. Usually, the reason is desperation. Conventional medical science doesn’t offer hope, so the person and his/her family are willing to grasp at straws.

Here is one news report concerning Chinese stem cell therapy:

Less than three years ago, he set up Beike. Since then, 3,000 patients — most of them from China — have received Beike’s stem-cell treatments for a wide range of conditions. He says 70 percent have seen improvements, but he admits he can’t explain why.

“In the clinical areas, we know there are improvements. We don’t know the mechanism behind it,” Hu says.

That raises many concerns. Any improvement could be due to the placebo effect — or other factors besides the stem-cell therapy — and may not lead to longer-term functional gains. No rigorous, controlled clinical trials were carried out before the treatment was offered to patients. No research has yet been published in established peer-review journals overseas. And no one knows for sure what the possible risks might be.

With the internet these days, it has “leveled out the playing field.” It is much more difficult to carry out these scams and “quackery” than it was in the 60’s,70’s and 80’s All of these patients who go to China (and elsewhere) do their due diligence on the internet. There are thousands of resources. They find other patients who have been to the stem cell treatment center before them. They can talk to them on the phone and they do. It is their life on the line.

Just like you easily found that NPR article on the internet, all of the stories, negative and postive can be found for everyone to see and judge for themselves.

Here is one regarding the same disease- The girl’s eye went from 20/4000 vision to 20/80 and now is driving a car. A placebo effect? Yes, it is unproven from a doctor’s standpoint, but you would have to be intellectually dishonest to not see a connection between the stem cells and improvement in vision. And then when you see similar stories over and over (my blog covers them) , you can make a informed decision.

These patients aren’t waiting for the archaic FDA rules and regulations to keep them safe. What would you have them do? Wait for 10-15 years for an article in the New England Journal of Medicine that says “it is safe and works” for the same Adult Stem Cell treatment they are doing now in China. Life is short. These are Adult Stem Cells- no lives are lost, no ethical issues.

I think this coming from Betty Helms who also went to China for her MS says it all: *

  I am one of the ones who have MS and went to China for Beike Biotech’s stem cell therapy. I got my life back. It’s the best decision I ever made in my life. You can see my progress during the therapy by going to Betty’s MS Blog on [](

  As long as stem cells are governed by politics in this country, patients have no hope except to look elsewhere for treatment. I did and I have no regrets. I felt this issue would not be resolved in my lifetime and I don’t have the patience to wait. It’s a shame that people in this country - supposedly the best healthcare in the world - are left to suffer and die. All I can say — there is hope -just not here.



While I agree partly, there is also the side that laws not based on rational reasons hold back viable treatments that should be available.

I have always been under the impression that there are over 400 cures/treatments available here in the US using adult stem cells; thats why it’s easy to get funding for them vs. embryonic which yield zero results. Was this guys case one of going to a country to use a treatment not yet approved here?

I would say the number of diseases/conditions that Adult Stem Cells can help is closer to 100+. However, none are available or approved in the United States.

Yes, the US has just begun some clinical trials for a few of these conditions- heart failure and coronary artery disease for example. However, the FDA rules and regulations are so strict, that these clinical trials take approximately 10 years to complete and be approved. In that time, millions will die who could have been saved.

The trouble is that the FDA is treating these Adult Stem Cells like a new drug- they have never come across something like Adult Stem Cells before, where there are no side effects to deal with. They have no flexibility and thus the patients will suffer.

Funding from private investors for Adult Stem Cells is moderately difficult in this economy now, but it can be done as ASC’s will definitely pay off down the road.

It is the embryonic stem cells that need the funding. Private investors won’t touch them because they don’t work and the ethical issues involved. Therefore, there is the big campaign to get the US taxpayers to pay for them.

Besides the FDA, the Pharmacetical (sp?) industry is very much against adult stem cells
being used, just as they are against “natural” solutions for health issues. They are
supportive of having vitamins becoming restricted to prescriptions!

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