American Medical Association

Interestingly, at one time, the AMA was pro-life:

Thanks for posting this article. I wasn’t aware of this. I did like the adoption as an alternative abortion as their stance.

Too bad it wasn’t the same way today.

Regretfully abortion has also turned into big business and abortion “doctors” are getting a slice of the lucrative pie as sickening as it is.


The AMA is a very political organization- always has been. In my experience, It isn’t representative of most physicians in America- and many don’t belong to it, or even care what it says. I’m married to a physician and have 3 physician children- none are members. I don’t actually know anyone who belongs to it. I want to believe that the good physicians are pro-life and that is the reason they ARE physicians. :slight_smile:

Not only are they no longer pro-life; they have openly attacked pharmacists who wish to opt out in dispensing the morning after pill (Plan B).

I haven’t known much about the AMA, but I assumed it was trustworthy and that all doctors belonged to it. Thanks for this article. My eyes have been opened!

Pro life physicians need to step-up and change the AMA back to its pro-life position.

This would seem to be a double standard on the AMA’s part since they (the AMA) are (as I understand it) okay with physicians opting out of doing abortions.

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