American Patients Form Group For Right To Use Their Own Adult Stem Cells

A group of patients have formed a group that is demanding the FDA not classify a person’s own Adult Stem Cells as a drug. These regulations treat our own stem cells as a drug -like Viagra, Lipitor, Vioxx, Ritalin, etc. However, they are really our own stem cells, not a chemical concoction. Therefore, this group needs some help to take on the FDA-- See the story here at Adult Stem Cell Research

My brother achieved his final cure for his cancer by donating his own stem cells for transplant after his immune system was killed by chemotherapy and radiation.

Wow, how exciting! How is your brother doing after this? I will keep him in my prayers.:slight_smile:

The Global Drug Companies want them classified as drugs so they can own a person’s DNA. This essentially means the drug companies own the person.

This is what you get with the incestuous relationship between Global Capitalism and Socialism. A person becomes the property of either big business or the state.

Sickening that they want to make it as a drug. Its completely native to one’s own body. I don’t know how it could be considered a drug. Are they going to have 6 billion patents? I also don’t know why the government is not supporting this, You would think they would want to keep VOTERS and TAXPAYERS alive longer.

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