American Pie!?

Hi all:

I am a 15 yr old and i was planning to watch a movie with my friends and we had a vote. In the end, the most popular choice was the movie “American Pie: Reunion” (MA 15+).

For the people who don’t know abou this movie, it contains some nudity and sexual scenes in it but only for the comedy’s sake.

I was saying no at first because i have been before addicted to porn and don’t want to go back and watch any kind of porn again. But afterwards i have asked my whole family for advice (of course, they don’t know that i’ve watched porn before) and they said it’s fine.

While not all of them are Christians, my father is and he still says it’s fine. His opinion was that we are all humans and we all sin, but it’s just that we have to go back to the way of Jesus in the very end. He also mentioned, however, that we must also try our best not to get off track, though.

And eventually i said yes to my friends. The way i thought about it was that i am watching it for the laughs, but not for the sexual or erotic feelings or whatever. But i did this without really making sure that it’s not sin. But then again, how can i know?

So can you please give me some suggestions as to whether i have comitted a sin in the condition that i knew that it was a sin? Is God going to be angry? And, if so, what should i do now?

Thank you for reading all these. I know it’s a very long passage, but i want to include as many details as possible.

God bless all of u :o

Disclaimer : I may very well be wrong…

In my opinion, watching a movie is not a sin. Your reaction to that movie might be.

I’d suggest talking it over with your confessor. He will be in much better position to help you determine any sin and guide you toward avoiding it.

God bless


I don’t think it’s a good idea for the simple fact that a) you have a history of porn addiction and b) since you are only 15, your body is going through hormonal changes that could make this SO much harder on you to not revert back to old ways. Not only are you watching something that is obviously sexually explicate in nature, but your hormones are also freaking out, you and your friends will obviously be talking about those scenes afterward which could keep your imagination in places where it shouldn’t be, AND you’ve got the history of porn addiction. I’d say pass. God bless.

Don’t watch it,eventhough you just got off porn?Why tempt yourself with more nudity knowing there’s going to be nudity in American Pie.Listen Brother,just because your parents don’t know about you watching porn,and you know you did,is it right to go watch American Pie? since your parents approved to watch it.Knowing that it has nudity,and wanting to watch it is a mortal sin.The sin of flesh is leading many souls marching into hell.Jesus loves you,and if you’d love him you\d know better not to watch American Pie.Jesus stood naked on the cross with only a few clothing bleeding,bruised,wounded and also disfigured which was our sins that caused his death.In the Garden of Gethsemane,Jesus was in agony as he could see many souls marching into hell,and those that would be lost.In times of temptation look at the agonizing Jesus on the cross,naked with only a part of his clothing bleeding and dying for our sins,says Jesus mercy,I cannot fight the temptation of lust cover me with your most precious blood and save from the sin of the flesh.Most Precious blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ quench the flames of my lust,Mary help me.Say it and think of Jesus who died on the cross naked,stripped of all his humanity for our sins so that we might be saved.Don’t watch American Pie,God Bless and Jesus loves you.Make Jesus the Lord of your life and to take control of your entire life.

So should i just tell my friends i’m not watching it today? i know that i shoudl do this for Jesus’ sake and that i should’ve said no last night but we are supposed to be watching it today…so should i just tell them that i won’t watch it and maybe just wait for them outside or soemthing.

By the way, thnx for all the comments. They are greatly appreciated.

God bless :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t watch that movie for anything.

Sex is not meant to be depicted that way.

If you haven’t watched it yet, don’t. If you have, stay away from those type movies in the future [which by the way do not hold a candle to the stoogies, abbet and costello, or the marx brothers]. The American pie type movies are all about lust, regardless if they show anything or not. As for sinning, if you think you did, go to confession [better safe then sorry].

Hi Victasoft,:wave:

Although I’ve never seen the American Pie films, there were excerpts on a morning news show when cast members were present.

I saw enough (and of course these were said to be film cuts acceptable to a general audience,) to realize that the rest of the movie is said to be very racy.:tsktsk:

Please don’t watch any films like that, for the sake of your prior struggles with porn.
Despite your father telling you that everyone sins, and it’s all right to watch films like that, I don’t think these films edify our souls, and watching them can continue to cause increasing addiction to pornographic images.

If your conscience told you you knowingly sinned, you can go to confession. The Sacrament of Reconciliation :gopray2:is there for all of us to partake in Christ’s Divine Mercy.

You are a beloved child of God. Sins can be forgiven. The idea is of course to be reconciled to our Father’s best wishes for us, to not knowingly sin again.

You are in my prayers, and I hope you know that although we all sin, Our Heavenly Father is there for us when we are ready to admit what we have done and to be truly reconciled with Him. He understands our temptations, but He calls us to be our best selves!:angel1:

May God the Father and Our Lady, The Blessed Virgin Mary, inspire you to consuming God’s Word, and also to enjoy books and films about the saints! A Man for All Seasons, for one, and any films or books that are decent and inspire us to follow Our Lord and all His saints.:getholy::highprayer:

Peace to you!
Kathryn Ann:heaven:

Do not Watch it at all,just tell your friends you have other commitments.Do this for the love and fear of Christ,say no to the Devil,make Jesus proud in this godless and corrupt world we live in.Do not watch American Pie,think of Jesus who was naked dying,bleeding,wounded,scourged and his flesh torn for our sins on the cross.Today is Thursday by the way Gethsemane Hour is today,do you want Jesus to see you go to Hell,he weeps for all those today that are in danger of loosing their souls,and praying in agony desperately to our Heavenly Father to save our souls from eternal damnation.God Bless You and may the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ give you Strength and Protection from Lust,Pornography,Sex and Nudity.The only friend you have in this world is Jesus,who loves you infinitely with a all his heart and died to save your souls and everyone Else’s soul in the world.

Hope you were able to be strong and said no!

I guess you are not in the US because here the film is Rated R. Under 17 not admitted without parent or guardian.

I wouldn’t watch it if I were you.

I watched it, but now I kinda regret it. I’m not sure if it’s necessarily a sin for any person to watch it, but it’s definitely not something I’d show to a 15-year old.

It’s all round pretty awful. Definitely not recommend it for anyone struggling with sexual sin, but even if you aren’t the humour is really juvenile and the movie probably a waste of time that could be spent doing much more worthwhile things.

SRY for commently so late.

i ended up getting defeated by the devil and watched it with my friends. Although i covered my eyes in the nudity part, i still ended up watching about like a few seconds of nudity scenes.

I have now decided to go to confession. Frankly, i’m still not sure whether it was truly a sin to watch it, but better safe than sorry, like one of the comments mentioned. I hope that the priest can guide me to what i should do.

Thanks for all your comments and help. May i just say to anyone else out there: DON’T BE LIKE ME AND DO WHAT YOU SHOULD DO — do what God likes.

Not everyone can do this, including me, but we should all try our best.

Thanks all and God bless. If you wanna chat about problems you are welcome to inbox me :slight_smile:

Next time you go with your friends to the cinema, just insist on seeing something you like, if they want to see something you don’t like, just tell them you’ll meet them afterwards. Most good friends will respect that.

They might tease you and stuff, but who knows, maybe one of your friends will also want to see the film you want to and just didn’t speak up until you have. Just remember to stand your ground against the inevitable peer pressure, as a good friend would respect your choice not to see the film they want to watch.

In my country the equilivent rating is MA15+(which is what all American Pie’s are rated over here), which means that a 15 year old could see it on his own. Under 15 would have to have a parent or guardian there.

Oh well, at least we don’t have an R rating for video games(meaning that any R rated videogame is effectivly banned and has to be reedited to conform to the MA rating. The last Mortal Kombat game was banned here), so while our rating system isn’t perfect, it does have some good merits.

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