American Pledge of Allegiance .... and Free Masonry Roots

I believe that the involvement of the Knights of Columbus was that in 1954 they pushed to get the words “Under God” added to the pledge.

I think the flag salute was similar to the Nazi salute. The flag salute as used in America was the right arm outstretched towards the flag with the palm facing up. The Nazi salute was the right arm outstretched with the palm facing down. Yes, it was changed because it was embarrassingly similar.


I personally wouldn’t put much stock into anything contained in those links. The Most Holy Family monastery is led by the Dimond brothers and are well known sedivacantists and I believe they’ve been discussed on other threads here on CAF. Also, a lot of the documents overwhelmingly use the word “alleged” and “secret” and “purported” to discuss documents that “prove” John XXIII was a Mason. Those are all code words for “we don’t have any proof.”


Wikipedia notes that the salute began with the palm facing upwards, but gradually changed to the palm facing downwards. An accompanying image bears this out:

The resolution is poor, but it’s pretty obvious that these children have their palms facing downward. If you zoom in on the hand of the little gril in the front foreground (in the white dress) there is absolutely no mistake that her palm is facing downward (that’s her *right *hand):

Although this salute pre-dated the rise of the Nazi party (and both palm-down and palm-up salutes are very ancient), the gesture eventually gathered strong Nazi connotations, and was thus changed.

David, thank you for adding some more information about the salute and its hand position. Do you know when the change from palm up to palm down occurred?


The Pledge of Allegiance is a public oath. An angel of the Lord “swore an oath in the name of the one who lives forever and ever” (Rev 10:6). Pehaps the Lord’s angel was influenced by the Freemasons as well? :rolleyes:

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