American Revolution

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what the Vatican said about the American Revolution and the creation of the US (as it was occuring)? I imagine it would be fairly positive, as Britain was a majority Anglican/Puritan nation that was still persecuting Catholics to an extent.

Maybe. On the other hand, I don’t know if the Vatican thought the reasons for our revolution satisfied the conditions for a just war… I’m not sure I think so. ?

And the u.s wasn’t an Anglican/Puritan nation that was still persecuting Catholics to an extent?

Well, it did indeed turn out to persecute its Catholics in the 1800s. However I’m not sure if that was so much the case in the early days (1700s) though, as opposed to the 1800s.

I rather doubt they supported it given that the Church was not a friend of the Englightenment. The Church did not feel very comfortable in a world where Church/State was not the rule. It felt very much at risk. The fact that Catholics continued to be persecuted in the US probably didn’t help either. The US could only have been seen as byproduct of modernism I would think.

It is difficult to say, but I would be interested in learning what others have to say. :thumbsup:

Remember that the colonies had strong support from France, which was a major influence on the Holy See.

I could not find any documents that showed that the Church had an opinion or took a position.

The pontificate of Pius VI had a lot going on, it doesn’t seem he wrote anything on the subject.

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