American Sleep Collection Air Beds? Opinions please!


Okay so we were looking at Select Comfort Sleep Number beds but have found that Sam’s Club has a knock off of it by a company called American Sleep Collection. :shrug:
I am wondering if any of you have bought/tried out this bed. Our Sam’s doesn’t have them in the store (none of the Sam’s w/ in 100 miles do either), and I would really like to find someone who has tried one since there is only one review on the Sam’s website. :o

Thanks in advance for your replies :slight_smile:


I hope some responds cause I’d like to know too…

Have you ever tried the sleep number bed?


My son had one in a hotel recently and he didn’t like it all. He said it is actually 2 beds, one bed with a divider in the middle so that each person can adjust their personal sleep number. Sounds sort of like the 'bundling beds" they had in colonial days for unmarried people to sleep in…Roanoker


I have a “Comfortaire” which is the original air bed company. The internal components of the Comfortaire and the Select Comfort are of he same quality. Both companies offer many options and you can price the beds accordingly. I would rate the beds equal in all respects assuming you buy them with the same features/options.

We’ve had our bed for 8 to 10 years and we love it. When we bought the Comfortaire we looked at all of the competition. Again, the Select Comfort was the only bed that was equal in quality. We opted for the Comfortaire soley based on price. It provided a substantial savings over the Select Comfort. One of the reasons for this is that they only sell by mail order. They do not sell through retail outlets. You do not need to buy the expensive foundation system/frame(?) suggested by Select Comfort. We simply used a traditional frame and foundation and put the air bed on top of it. When we bought ours, Comfortaire did not offer any special foundation system. It looks like a traditional bed in all respects. It is simply more comfortable and adjustable.

The cool thing about them is that they never get lumpy like an inner spring mattress. We think they are great and will buy another when the time comes.

You can check them out online, and order them direct.



My dad shelled out for a sleep number bed and hated it … but that’s not really what I wanted to share.

He bought it because it had a money back guarantee. He didn’t like it but then didn’t feel like going through the hassle of actually returning it. That’s a lot of money to invest, and you have to be sure before you drop that kind of dough if you’re truly going to send it back if you hate it or just keep it regardless.

If you’re particularly brave, you could put up some sort of bulletin somewhere, maybe at church, and see if anyone has one. If you get the right responder, they may be ok with you coming over to their house and laying on it for an hour or so. I know that sounds completely weird but the strange requests usually get answers from people who think like you do.

Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoy it!


Beds were a problem for my husband and me for a long time. He needs a firm mattress because of his back problems and I can only sleep well on a soft mattress. We finally tried a waterbed which was a big mistake. Ten years ago we bought a Select Comfort. He keeps his side firm and my side is a lot softer. Took a few weeks to get used to it, but now we never would buy anything else. We have problems in hotels while traveling sleeping on normal mattresses.:slight_smile:


What brand was the bed in the hotel (usually I think they state what type the bed is when you book the room, especially since it was an airbed). My sis in law has a select comfort (king-cal) size and they love it, she hasn’t disliked anything about it. She did tell me though that it takes about a month to figure out your ‘number’ , maybe that could be why your son wasn’t comfy on it?? Just wondering what the brand was…:shrug: :wink:


Thanks! I will check into that!! I have never heard of Comfortaire. Were you hesitant to purchase since you weren’t able to ‘try’ it out beforehand? :confused:


Yeah, I could see that as being a problem (sleeping on normal mattresses after the comfort of an airbed). Glad to hear that you guys each have your own firmness or softness :thumbsup:

I really don’t like waterbeds. I have slept on one a few times when babysitting overnight for cousins years ago and I did not like it at all!!


I guess the reason for your purchase can be key -if it is just comfort or is it more to relieve a problem area.

My brother has spinal issues and he loves his Select Comfort Bed.

I bought the bed because I have neck issues - I hated the bed and it enhanced my problems. I sent it back - but do not be fooled by the money back guarantee.

I ask first before booking hotels. I will not stay where they have Select Comfort beds.

It costs close to $400 to have the company come and remove your bed. that’s not part of the deal.

It is 2 bed compartments with a firm divider in the middle.


What size was your Select Comfort bed? :o :shrug:

We know that we won’t be buying a Select Comfort one due to price. Our main reason for wanting an air bed is because of comfort, his side firm, my side soft.

Thanks for your reply. :thumbsup:


My bed was queen sized.
No matter which brand you buy - the technology is the same and the premise is the same.

If it is comfort , you may well enjoy this bed.


I was confident because I knew a couple of people that already purchased the same bed. I also went to a Select Comfort retail store and plopped down on their bed for awhile. I liked the bed and decided to buy one based upon the recommendation for the Comfortaire and my personal research into the quality.

Do not buy a cheap immitation air bed. If it isn’t made to the same standards as Select Comfort or Comfortaire you may regret the purchase in terms of durability. Cry once at the time of purchase or cry later non-stop when it fails prematurely.


Yeah, considering I have only found the American Sleep airbeds at Sam’s and they are only sold online, I am hesitant. Although, they do have a return policy that’s pretty decent. And the warranty is 20 years on it (25 for some of the stuff):shrug:

We will be doing some more research on them. Thanks for your replies everyone!!! :thumbsup: .


Do they give a description of how these beds are made and the materials used? If so you can compare this info with the info given by Select Comfort and Comfortaire. If they are equivalent then go for it.


Yes, on the Sam’s site if you click on the bed photo you can get more info on it.

Thanks for your reply!! :wink:


Sorry, Mamacita, but he doesn’t know what the actual brand was. Roanoker


My parents have one and love it.

If you are interested in a sleep number bed, go to the local store and have them use the pressure detector on you to help you set your number. I never could figure it out on my rents bed, but now I know my number :thumbsup:


Actually I want to more on that…

Yes we have to be aware of what we are going to purchase, we have to assure that we are buying quality beds and not those imitated.:slight_smile:

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I am curious as to what you decided on the Air Bed. We are looking at them after being horribly disappointed in a spring bed purchase.

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