I was wondering if this was a pro-Catholic blog? Or someone who was raised Catholic who is pointing out different “flaws” of the church?

Very pro-Catholic and orthodox.

***Okay, cool. I could not figure if this was a joke or if it was a witty cut at the Catholic teaching on alcohol.*

“Now that lent is over, the pope ain’t drinking water to clear his throat anymore.”**


First I am pleased you are trying to learn about the Church. Keep it up. :thumbsup:

I am also glad that you recognize that not everyone and not all organizations who call themselves “Catholic” follow Catholic teachings. There is a website out there that can help.

This site, among other things, reviews sites and rates them for their faithfulness to Church teachings. Just click on the “Reviews” link.

Prayers for your journey! :slight_smile:

By the way, I have always found the term “papist” to be rather pejorative and quite offensive. Perhaps because in the part of the USA where I grew up it was used exclusively by non-Catholics when mocking Catholics. These same people also used the “N” word when referring to Americans of African descent. I have always associated those two terms together, though I realize than not everyone else does.

“Papist” was intended to be, and still is as it is used by many Protestants, a pejorative term. However, many Catholics have taken the term and turned it about face into a sign of pride in their Catholicism and support of the Church. Hence, there are “Papist” sweatshirts out there, for example. The AmericanPapist is a fellow who has done just that.

I know and appreciate these efforts. Still it makes my skin crawl when I hear it.

I concur. Also there are a few other “Papist” blogs out there of high quality. Dr. Blosser’s “Pertinacious Papist” is one of my faves. :thumbsup:

Thomas Peters is the son of Ed Peters, Canon Lawyer and frequent contributer to Catholic Answers Live. I believe Thomas actally did few CAL children shows several years back.

American Papist is solid and highly recommended. Often there is a humorous and tongue-in-cheek style.

By the way, I have always found the term “papist” to be rather pejorative and quite offensive.

It’s a case of adopting the pejorative in order to spite it, or letting your enemies name you and thereby taking the pejorative’s power away. If I recall correctly, “Christian” was originally a pejorative used by pagan Romans.

As Tom at that blog would say:

Then there is my blog subtitled: “Romish Internet Graffiti” :smiley:

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